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A couple of weeks ago I recorded a video as part of a Leadnow campaign to share …

A couple of weeks ago I recorded a video as part of a Leadnow campaign to share my support for a green recovery, a response to rumours that the Liberal government were considering taking climate action off the table. This was on September 16.

My message was simple — we need action from all levels of leadership and we need citizens to be empowered to make better choices.

On September 24, I received an email and it said this:

Yesterday, the Governor General delivered the speech from the throne — and put forth the boldest commitments this government has ever made.

In the speech, the government promised to ‘build back better’, committed to a ‘safer, and more just society’ — and promised to make climate a cornerstone of our Covid-19 recovery plan.

Trudeau’s Liberals promised to:
• Tackle the climate emergency: by creating a million jobs with a focus on climate, immediately bringing forward a plan to exceed our 2030 climate goals, and legislating Canada’s climate targets.
• Tax the super rich: by forcing Big Tech to pay their fair share.
• Put our health first: by introducing national standards for long-term care and a national universal pharmacare program.
• Uphold Indigenous rights: by legislating the Universal Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by the end of the year.

This outcome was the culmination of weeks and months of citizen pressure and environmental and social justice allyship and organization.

Make no mistake, there is no such thing as business as usual moving forward. In the coming weeks, I will be sharing solutions to the climate crisis implementable TODAY and I will be sharing My Climate Story as part of my work with the Climate Reality Project.

I don’t know how to urge you to care. But I hope that in some way, I will illuminate a path forward and stretch your imaginations to what is not only economically feasible and viable but environmentally sustainable and desirable.

And no matter where you stand on this crisis, I hope you’ll agree that this is a generational opportunity to shift to systems that enable us to take better care of our environment and each other moving forward.


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