46 thoughts on “Angelina Jordan – Cant Help Falling In Love With You (Acoustic)

  1. Angelina, I just want to say that you were Blessed with an incredible voice ! Continue to do what you Love, don't ever stop ! My Great Granddaughter and you look like you could be twins, you. look exactly alike, although she is a few. years younger than you. I thought it was her..LoL

  2. 素敵な声❤️

  3. I don't know about all the rest of you Angelina fans but i am in morning for the death of our YouTube Angelina.
    now that she is signed up with Republic we will no longer be able to enjoy her little wave to us and then take us on an emotionally journey ending with the wave and the " GOODBYE" once she lets us go at the end of of her vocal masterpiece painting.
    i truly admired and loved that young girl/lady but she will never be allowed to give us such joy again.
    i am happy for her to get her dream but sad for all of us (her die-hard YouTube fans ), for it is an end of an era of close personal trips with a genius talent

  4. I can’t help falling in love 😍 with the amazing , incredible voice of this musical genius Angelina Jordan. You go Angie, you don’t need Simon because you have “IT”. We love you and keep doing what you’re doing and being as sweet as you are.

  5. How can 627 people dislike this? That's like disliking a waterfall or a rainbow.. seriously what voice, I can't wait to follow your epic career Angelina, thank you

  6. Greetings from Serbia, I want to tell you that you are something special and I think that the whole world is proud of you, can no one remain indifferent when you are Angelina. Good luck 👏

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