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Angelina Jordan Cover – John Legend – All of Me


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Instrumental credit:
Sing King


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24 Kommentare

  1. mark Twisted 10. Oktober 2020

    absolutely beautiful, keep up the awesome singing, 🙂

  2. juliehay 10. Oktober 2020

    my goodness me, I have stumbled upon you today dear sweet Angelina, when I was listening to Billie Holiday and searching for more of her work, and there you were, singing jazz at the tender age of 8, I like everyone else I am sure was completely taken aback, that voice, I am 70 years of age and this has got to be one of the best voices I have ever heard, purity, range oh my goodness I am in love with your voice, yes, I too hope that you will be protected from the ravages of stardom, I am astonished, I don't quite know how to express what I feel and think about your voice, it takes my breath away

  3. Roy Johansen 10. Oktober 2020

    👍😊❤️, I found this reactor young girl ( PinkLemonTV )look at her feet, someone need to show Angelina this reaction

  4. Farid Ibrahim 12. Oktober 2020

    Woooooww you are a star! Go forward!

  5. Abigail Capili 12. Oktober 2020

    Voice is very much unique, truly God given….congrats!!!

  6. Roberto Martinez 12. Oktober 2020

    Extraordinaria bendiciones

  7. Orlov Romanov 12. Oktober 2020

    As if i am listening to an angel because of your voice

  8. Orlov Romanov 12. Oktober 2020

    I love you angelina

  9. gympinoy 12. Oktober 2020

    I remember that first audition where she sang “Gloomy Sunday” by Billie Holiday. She did that and she’s been killing it since then! Can’t wait for her debut album.

  10. Sam Phillips 13. Oktober 2020

    Yellow brick road…… 💛

  11. Red Lion Forge 13. Oktober 2020

    Your parents must be so proud! I have a daughter your age and it blows my mind the notes you can hit. Your voice is so unique and stunning! I hope to see your name everywhere in music someday.

  12. Sergio Neves 13. Oktober 2020

    Angelina is a singing angel ! Just Love it 💕 !! Good vibes from Brazil 🇧🇷🙏🌷😘

  13. Jerry Lincicum 13. Oktober 2020

    Angie, thank you for all that you are.

  14. sunny firestone 13. Oktober 2020

    People who r listening will always love u nd ur pure voice …

  15. Ren 13. Oktober 2020

    Angelina is the music itself, her avatar

  16. Arlene Buglisi 14. Oktober 2020

    You are amazing Angelina. You have a beautiful, unique voice. I could listen to you all day. So much soul and emotion in your voice for such a very young women. Hope to see you singing in Australia one day

  17. Fe Delos Reyes 14. Oktober 2020


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