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Angelina Jordan New Incredible Song 2020!

Angelina Jordan New Incredible Song 2020!
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32 Kommentare

  1. Olivia Trans 26. September 2020

    I don't like that title, if that were true a baby once born and died after maybe a week, would have fulfilled it's mission. WE are supposed to learn all we can , Then at some point we die,

  2. gopaltomimi A 26. September 2020

    I love Angelina's unique voice and the way she sings, it's very appealing!

  3. Hakan Kilic 26. September 2020

    She is a natural beauty in all sense. Some people seem to have forgotten the natural beauty having been blinded by photoshop and filter effects and heavy make-ups. Just listen to her velvety voice and close your eyes.

  4. FUTURE Calçados em Geral e Epis 27. September 2020

    Meu Deus, quanto talento. Arrepia. Se não forçarem demais esta menininha, será umas das maiores da história. Ela tem 13 anos/criança. Não podem exigir demais como fizeram com outras estrelas, que se foram jovens, por não aguentar o sistema.

  5. Patricia Herrera 27. September 2020

    Que Dios permita que algún día puedas venir a CHILE Angelina, QUE TE BENDIGA Y PROTEJA SIEMPRE.

  6. Ray Gordon Teaches Chess 27. September 2020

    Garbage. A wannabe Amy Winehouse and nothing more.

  7. Wild Child 29. September 2020

    Reach for the stars darling, your voice is a gift! I'm a nobody in your life, but there are so many wolves in the business…stay away from them. Keep your eyes on the One who gave you the gift of song. Peace out!

  8. kate baxter 29. September 2020

    Angelina you have a beautiful voice ❤️❤️❤️

  9. raffi torossian 29. September 2020

    Excellent artist….excellent voice…..excellent technic…excellent nuance…..i am one of your fans….million bravo…..i wish you my best….!

  10. Bruce Heatley 2. Oktober 2020

    Angelina, The first time I heard you singing I knew an angel fell among us. What a beautiful and lovely young lady with a great voice. I'm 75 years old,I have lived to see the angel of Earth, you are truly sent by God to give all hope. America loves you. 🇺🇸😍💋💋💓🧚🌠💐

  11. verdisol 2. Oktober 2020

    love it 💖💖

  12. GLM Entertainment 4. Oktober 2020

    A wonderful, mysterious Voice…….Thx Angelina 🙂

  13. Paul Reuter 4. Oktober 2020

    Every note that Angelina sings brings tremendous joy to my heart. Thankyou for making the world a better place to live. I believe you are a real angel.

  14. Anderson Applegate 4. Oktober 2020

    She has a pretty voice but it seems she only sings slower songs nothing up beat and fast . Which could really show off her true talent if she does well with those faster songs . She needs some of her own songs also that no one else has ever song . So far she seems to do every one else’s

  15. millieo 5. Oktober 2020

    Angelina, hearing you sing has brightened my life.

  16. Danny Cascolan 5. Oktober 2020

    she is a classical singer, might be great if she sings rf online themes like 'one' and 'force of love' by Lia

  17. James Stewart 5. Oktober 2020

    Prefer the recording she made in her bedroom where the backing music wasn't as loud letting her voice shine more.

  18. HB 6. Oktober 2020

    I'm a huge fan, but she needs an incredible musical team to guide her & bring her to the stratospheric heights she's destined for.
    What she's accomplished on her own so far is incredible though

  19. timmy thomas 6. Oktober 2020

    She is so Amazing ❤😯

  20. Larry Nobles 6. Oktober 2020

    This young lady will become a huge star!! I love her voice and song interpretation.

  21. Lu Guy 6. Oktober 2020

    Every, and I mean every time I her Angelina sing, I get shivers up and down my spine. ❤️❤️❤️ On Facebook she has grown gorgeously more beautiful each time she posts.

  22. PETE LUNN 7. Oktober 2020

    I see the Trolls are hitting the dislike button again, guess there's no pleasing some morons.

  23. Norca Gonzalez 7. Oktober 2020

    Me encanta su voz,yo la veo de sus inicios y la adoro y siempre estoy pendiente de sus grandes canciones,y como han pasado los años,yo la espero siendo tan importante como Adele y otras cantantes y la escuché en las radios.
    Hoy en Chile estamos en Octubre del 2.020

  24. Flor Díaz 7. Oktober 2020

    Preciosa mujercita

  25. Todd Pierson 8. Oktober 2020

    notice that the thumbs down idiots never leave any commentary as to why…. It is troubling to me that there are people in this world like that. To thumb down Angelina takes a wicked heart simple as that. I typically don't care for many female vocalists, just a little harsh to me. Angelina voice is like waking up Christmas morning at about 9 yrs old, snow has fallen all night and is lightly coming down now. You hit the stairs and arrive at the tree, full of presents and even Santa is there. That's what Angelinas voice does for me… lol

  26. Janete Queiros 8. Oktober 2020

    Maravilhosa… simplesmente best

  27. Jim Glass 8. Oktober 2020

    Smooth, can you imagine this song this lady and this version live while enjoying the company of your partner in a nice bar with a great view, couldn't get better.

  28. Elayna Parker 8. Oktober 2020

    Can anyone tell me where they found her because what they’re saying does it really sound like her please post what was her life before the singing when she was seven

  29. Silvana Haddad 9. Oktober 2020

    They say I have healing hands and you have a healing voice hope we can heal people’s bodies minds and souls Amen Amen

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