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Angelina Jordan REACTION Like a River Flow (Singing in Japanese!)


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13 Kommentare

  1. Still Racer 15. Oktober 2020

    Angelina's grandfather was Japanese so of course she must have picked up some Japanese. She is 1 quarter Japanese and her mom is 1 half Japanese. By the way her dad is Swedish.

  2. rotorhead1942 15. Oktober 2020

    Just for info guys, Angelina's maternal grandfather was Japanese, and both her mother Sara and her Uncle Michael were raised in Japan and speak fluent Japanese. In fact Uncle Michael says that when he and sister Sara get together, they often chat in Japanese. We know that Angelina speaks Norwegian and English, and it's been reported she also speaks her Iranian maternal grandmother Mery Zamani's native language, Farsi. She probably speaks some Japanese also, but that would need confirmation from someone who knows for sure.

  3. LarsM 15. Oktober 2020

    Welcome back on the AJ trail, Angelina's late grandpa was from Japan :). Angelina signed with Republic Records some time back, so we're all hopeful there is new original stuff coming out soon.

  4. Rachel Dacus 15. Oktober 2020

    We did miss you guys! I believe the reason Angelina sang in Japanese (in Japan) is that her grandfather was Japanese. Maybe that's why they were in Japan. Here's a live performance of AJ I don't know if you've reacted to, but it's yet another stunningly different Angelina voice. "Sing Me to Sleep & Faded"

  5. Tom Bombadil 15. Oktober 2020

    Hi guys, her grandfather was Japanese. Angelina sings a touching song for him when he passed that you may want to check out.. And lastly, yes, she's working on an album with Republic Records.

  6. Nestor De Poli 15. Oktober 2020

    Hola chicos, gracias por traernos esta presentacion de Angelina, al no haber subtitulos en estae video no se si les gusto o no, bueno ya todos opinaron del abuelo, a mi me encanto, a mi me sigue sorprendiendo, que a su edad tome estos riesgos de cantar en Japones, creo que habla de su seguridad y un regalo a los Japoneces y a nosotros, no soy muy parcial jajja, ella es mi numero uno y todos los dias escucho su musica, hay muchos ensayos que me encantarian que reaccionen, les mando un abrazo y saludos desde Argentina…

  7. julio chavez 15. Oktober 2020

    Angelina sings like a seasoned pro on this cover. I've listened to the original artist, and as usual Angelina does a fantastic job. Angelina is a super human. Thanks guys, thumbs up.

  8. Clyde Trowbridge 15. Oktober 2020

    article in newspaper said her enunciation was perfect. it's a shame her GM cut video b4 audience response as she sang several
    songs in english and when mc announced she was going to sing in japanese there was a huge gasp from audience…

  9. Bill Weekley 15. Oktober 2020

    Angelina speaks fluent Norwegian, Persian, English and can converse in Swedish. I understand she studying Japanese and being that was a couple of years ago it may be she could hold a normal conversation as her mother, grandmother and uncle speak Japanese. I have read that this performance was considered outstanding

  10. Roy Johansen 15. Oktober 2020

    ❤️ your reaction 👍😊, her grand father was Japanese 😊❤️
    next Angelina singing I’m still holding out for you ? It will blow your mind out 🙂
    Angelina training her little sister to sing ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Brenda Veselich 15. Oktober 2020

    There is a Japanese reactor and she sang along with Angelina during her reaction and said she sang this perfect!

  12. Andy Schnell 15. Oktober 2020

    Rusty Shackleford has his own YouTube channel and is the go to guy for any information dealing with Angelina. As far as I know, Angelina has not posted anything on YouTube since her EDM song "Above the Water" back in January. Hopefully not much longer for her first album on Republic Records to be released.

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