Angelina Jordan + Whitney Houston "I Have Nothing" + Origin of AJ's Talent

Angelina Jordan + Whitney Houston + Jessie J + Ariana Grande “I Have Nothing” + Origin of AJ’s Talent


Author: alan papier

9 thoughts on “Angelina Jordan + Whitney Houston "I Have Nothing" + Origin of AJ's Talent

  1. JJ going for stylistic only. AG trying to outdo Whitney. Whitney, again going for stylistic. AJ does it with soul..imagine! Trying to prove something and she does.

  2. Another thought provoking analysis of Angelina’s amazing talent. I’d never heard Angelina and Whitney back to back before. I always thought Angelina did a very good job on this, but she was really staring on the high notes. After hearing them back to back I really enjoy Angelina’s version slightly better. If you factor in the age difference it is no contest. Will Angelina be able to do this better when she is 29, only time and nature can decide. Thanks again for your devotion to Angelina.

  3. Thanks again, Alan. It IS great fun! I agree with the assessment of who is better. It's taste and connection. Jesse doesn't really connect with me but she does some stuff at the high end that I like a lot. Ariana is exceptional and I like her a lot, but her version of the song here is less impactful than the others for me. This is not my favorite Whitney version. Still, I think Whitney is great. Angelina is the only one of the four that I feel a connection to. I feel more from Angelina's songs than from others (generally speaking– there are a few outliers). I don't know that I've read how much or how often music was played in the house. I have only read that granny did introduce Angelina to jazz and played it around her. Angelina's aptitude and desire are key.
    Some reactors point out a few flaws in Angelina's performance. Even with them, I like her version as much (if not better) than my favorite Whitney version and I recognize that at 13 her voice is not fully mature so those flaws may fade if Angelina continues to sing this song 5-10 years from now. Still, I choose to listen to Angelina and I feel a greater emotional response to her version and to her singing, in general, than I do others…even the recognized "great" ones. Angelina's on her way to achieving her destiny.

  4. Great overview and reaction. I know it is impossible to have universal agreement on who is the "best" artist or vocalist of all time. At some point however I think people can begin to come to some agreement about a group of superstars. You touched on 2, Elvis and Whitney. There are others, Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury for instance. I believe Angelina over time will join this pantheon of all time greats. She is a once in a lifetime artist and her gift and love for brining it to the world has only just begun. I am excited to see and share this journey with her.

  5. I have missed you but now I see why. Constructing this marvelous and deeply interesting presentation must have taken a lot of your time. After hearing you, I see that the nurturing she received in music, specifically jazz, was critical for her confidence in herself as well as her musical abilities. But taking that further, how fortunate we were that all of that was lavished on a child who was born with incredible musical abilities. She was blessed and we are blessed.

  6. 18-month-old baby hears sounds around him and starts to sing! It's amazing how much innate emotional and musical intelligence this girl has! A great combination of great singers with Angelina 🙂 Regards

  7. Alan I always look forward to your videos. As I’ve said before, it would be great to sit down with a beer and share our thoughts on this Angel. First of all I am impressed with your knowledge of baseball. Did you live in the states at some point? I very much liked JJ’s version. Not so much Ariana’s. I assume you chose Whitney’s version to show a different take on it for her. Angie covered the movie version. I love Angies version. I really don’t think belting is her thing and she was definitely at the edge of her upper range there. But this was a tribute to Whitney from Angie. The interesting thing about Angie versus a lot of talented young singers is that neither of her parents are musicians or singers. Singers like Haley Reinhart grew up with music. Haley recently dropped a video with her singing and dad playing guitar. It is excellent. Little 7 year old Claire Crosby has two musical parents that influence her greatly. If you haven’t watched any Claire please do, she will bring the tears for you too. Looking forward to your next video. Cheers!

  8. Alan. Totally agree that Angelina was listening to music while still in the womb. Forming words at eighteen months let alone having tone awareness and expressing it is barely comprehensible. Scrolling through YouTube looking for Jazz artists at two through three is a wonderment. She must have been receiving contentment from the pursuit. She obviously learned from her mother and grandmother the use of a phone or tablet and quickly learned the direction she wished to pursue. What three year old tells her mother she wants to sing for Simon Cowell. How does a five year old acquire the life values she displays at six. Language skills and abilities by five and six are another discussion. Wish that we could conduct some interviews and research as to when. Regards Sir please continue.

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