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CNN 'should be ashamed' for putting Greta Thunberg on a COVID panel

CNN’s credibility has been shaken by its decision to include climate change activist Greta Thunberg on coronavirus Town Hall special, according to Sky News contributor Gemma Tognini.

CNN has received considerable backlash for its decision to include the 17-year-old activist in its panel, which will air on Thursday, US time.

Ms Tognini told Sky News it’s “shameful” to include the teenager on the panel.

Shame on CNN, shame on the producer of that program, for thinking it’s appropriate to have a 17-year-old climate activist on a panel about this global pandemic,” she said.


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48 Kommentare

  1. Fennah Rob 07/10/2020

    CNN are a complete joke. Comedy News Network.

  2. roger thatcher 07/10/2020

    With you channel around, CNN need never be named of anything they do. It will always look good compared to the old Aussie sky.

  3. Jackie Altman 08/10/2020

    Putting a child in this situation is a form of child abuse. You want her to carry the weight of this issue in what she says. It's horrible.

  4. MultiKerber 08/10/2020

    She is running for President of CHAZ.

  5. Uli aritonang childs 08/10/2020

    Her vicious face expression says it all…poor Greta…

  6. D. J. 08/10/2020

    Clearly Not News

  7. DJ Ryde 08/10/2020

    I’d never listen to a brat that hasn’t finished their college education who isn’t qualified in that field with no experience of her own scientific research 🧪

  8. Melford Finley 08/10/2020

    Cnn should be shut down

  9. Dub Divus 08/10/2020

    shes an idiot we figured that out over a year ago ffs still talkn about her ?

  10. Brian Dietrich 08/10/2020

    She is stone cold crazy….

  11. Ed Hand 09/10/2020

    Crazy to put a person on a panel who isnt old enough to pick up her own prescriptions.

  12. karen mogollon 09/10/2020

    she is like a bad actres the parent manipulate for money .she has no education ,no maners ,no respect ,no expirience is so young ,that is child abuse .

  13. Berto de los santos 09/10/2020

    Her parents should go to jail, for not having her study like it's the right for every child. Then also her parents should be jailed for child labour.

  14. Zdravko Kolevski 09/10/2020

    Shes barely out of her nappy and where going to be lectured over climate change hoax and CONyouVIRUS Conjob19! She has no life experience! A puppet like CNN and most western media outlets run by the filthy elite hell bent on greed control and oppression both psychical and financial!

  15. Kermit Muppet 09/10/2020

    She sound like that one sensitive kid

  16. TheRickie41 09/10/2020

    This is just pathetic!!!

  17. Timothy Buchanan 10/10/2020

    The girl is just a pawn .

  18. Ghostlight X 10/10/2020

    The Left is a circus.

  19. John McGarry 10/10/2020

    Burlapp bag and a bridge

  20. 23 Savage 11/10/2020

    People have no shame.

  21. Alice Soefje 11/10/2020

    CNN is after ratings. They don’t care if they look foolish. I really think they are doing her a disservice. She is suddenly everybody’s darling, a media idol. But that can’t last. It just can’t. I hope she has family support when the bubble bursts.

  22. Arthur Reagan 11/10/2020

    There is only one indisputable fact regarding climate change and it is never mentioned because of all the stupidity and lack of common sense that prevails today. The Romans were in Britain from 43 B.C. to 410 A.D. and during that period they were growing citrus in the north. How is that for climate change? That is California weather in northern England! Two thousand years ago the climate on this planet was very different and maybe we are starting a swing back to it. Stop listening to the idiot activists like this one and look at the scientific facts.The changes we are seeing in our weather have nothing to do with emissions but are part of a natural cycle of the Earth.

  23. Ross Bettner 11/10/2020

    Hmm 🤔 actual problems. Help me figure that phrase out. Ha ha what makes a expert

  24. Big Wheel 11/10/2020

    CNN executive were afraid Greta Thumberg would put them against the wall. if she was not included.

  25. Shane Ramjit 11/10/2020

    It's sad when people use a sick child for their own agenda.

  26. Gmmonica godsgotthis 11/10/2020

    Look everyone, we all have to take our health in our own hands, especially with covid, why? Bcuz these common doctors are Killing people…why? Bcuz they are following protocol & INTUBATION is not the proper treatment to cure covid.
    You all have to understand a few things. 1) They Elite crooks are running this country. 2) They are wanting to VACCINATE the world & it is going to be a cash cow for them, the hospitals, the U.N, big Pharma, the FDA, the CDC, the tech industry, the hospitals & all the people who have invested in the vaccine. Why do you think they are inflating the numbers? Why do you think the CDC is paying these hospitals & rest homes $39,000 to deem someone who died of ANYTHING COVID? To VACCINATE the world! Talk about defunding the police. We've got to defund these entities who r victimizing us. CDC, U.N. Big Pharma, The WHO, Fauci, Bill Gates etc. These ppl need to be in prison. these are biological warfare on us and it was outlawed in World war 1.
    This whole scam/ plandemic has cost us a slew of money, they've cost us our businesses, we've used up our savings, we've maxed out our credit cards, they've made us lose our homes ONCE AGAIN…the elite thrive on the loss, they thrive on us being unstable so that they can keep us on the hamster wheel our whole lives & then we die. Do you guys realize that the money that they pay the retired ppl is the biggest transfer of wealth that the U.S has to pay these old people & do you believe that it's a coincidence that they're allowing these people to die. Even though we will open up there people will still be creating these virus so the can eventually Vaccinate us all& we must stop them by lawsuits. We must stop vaccination period or at least stop them from doing the MMR & putting Aluminum & other toxic chemicals in them. The above PROFITEERS must be stopped.
    Dr. Simone Gold who is one of the doctors from "The Americanfrontline", Dr. Richard Bartlett MD., Dr Buttar, Dr. Shiva, Dr. Jensen, Dr. Neptune, & the ppl that publish the Autism magazine we must use them for a lawsuit bcuz with them we can prove our case that we don't need a covid vaccine & that they are creating these viruses in a lab…they have stuck their necks out to expose the wrong treatment for covid & the REAL misinformation about covid that is costing the lives of American's. The medical organization who regulate doctors are not allowing them to properly treat covid. These organizations should be charged w/ murder. These medical facilities were cremating patients against their families will bcuz the CDC was paying facilities $39,000 for covid death's I believe Hospitals &rest homes were capitalizing of the money The CDC was offering. I believe they really didn't have covid & by cremating them to his the fact they didn't have covid.
    I'll tell you what, I am 62 years old, I am a cancer survivor, taxi driver & I believe I was exposed at least 7 times before Trump shutdown the boarder's and at the time I had no idea what the covid symptoms were & because both of my parents had a stroke so whenever I have shortness of breath or I don't feel good I will take 1 to 3 Aspirns. When I was being exposed to covid bcuz I was picking up people from Wuhan china, Spain, France & all over the world…I had no idea I was being exposed to covid but I kept getting shortness of breath, clammy, headaches, exhaustion & twice I had also scratchy throat. Later I studied covid & the symptoms & to my surprise I was getting exposed. All I took every time is 5 to 8 Aspirns (81mg) I take 500- 3000mg of Vitamin C (3000mg only for 2 or 3 days if I feel someone is a high potential of being a carrier. Note: if you have kidney issues you can't not take 3000mg of C) I take zinc, D3-10,000iu & "Cell food". I feel I saved my own life…why? Bcuz covid is not what they are saying it is & bcuz its not being treated correctly in the hospitals resulting in covid deaths.
    Disclosure's: all of the above is Not FDA approved. I am not a doctor & do not attempt to cure anyone of anything. You MUST check with your doctor before taking anything.
    Listen to what Dr Richard Bartlett MD from Texas said on his videos on YouTube. Also the American Frontline doctors mentioned it also. A) A.F.L.D. say that they are NOT losing their patients to covid-19 but that the proper medicine that they wanted to use was not readily available. Why are these meds these doctor's need to treat their patients not available to them? We all know it's bcuz they are letting the old folks die bcuz they don't want to pay them out their retirement.
    Why are you all paying attention? This is sheer corruption at its finest. HITLER move but now blatantly out in the open, but bcuz people are believing the Great DECEPTION/LIE.This is all a well thought out scam.
    IF covid was as deadly as they say it is the skid row in all the United States would be dead. (Lookup on YouTube (From Sofi to Skid row – Homeless during covid-19) There's NO Homeless people dying all over the U.S. bcz this is a scam.Stop Fighting against one another, White's agàinst Black's, Republicans against Democrats. This is all a set up since these Crooks starts civilization but the Devil HIMSELF Master plan to Divide & conquer.
    We are all being bamboozled!! We must fight back the Elite. Plz start by following Peggy Hall on YouTube & watch her VIDEO'S & then download her letters do send to all Government officials & stores big or small that are violating our Constatutional Rights. Go to her website"The healthy & download the letters & send to everyone you can. Only shop in stores that do not violate our constitutional rights.
    I don't want to bring God into a dog fight but the Bible state's that in the last days they people will believe a strong delusion. It's the activity of Satan. 2 Thess 2:9-12 it states Satan will come with all power& false signs & wonders, & with ALL wicked deception for those who are perishing, becuz they refused love or accept the truth, they have pleasure in unrighteousness.
    This delusion takes place during the time of the lawless one. I'm no scholar but I have read all of the New Testament & I see a very strong similarities as to what we are going through now.
    All these diseases that are being created in the labs. AIDS was & so was covid & others in the past &more to come in the FUTURE. This is Bio warfare & people need to wake up! STOP being drunken fools & believing this delusion, God is allowing it but the Devil is working through the lawless one. To me it sounds like Trump to be honest with you. I could be wrong but my skin grows cold at what I am witnessing with Trump & other world events.
    It is clear that the strong delusion will take place during the time of the lawless one (2 Thess 2:8) &(Rev.13)The Bible states that the Signs will be in the heaven's. Look up, the end draw near. Rev.13 Jesus will kill the lawless one/Antichrist with his breath. Rev 19:15. It happens during the time when many will rebel against God- 2 Thess 2:3 for that day will not come unless rebellion comes first. 2 Thess 2:9 Satan will come with all power & FALSE SIGNS & WONDER'S Rev 13:3-4. The antichrist will appear to die or close to death, yet be healed. One of its head seems to have a mortal wound (the world marveled as they follow the Beast & they worship the dragon. Many will be tricked into worshipping the beast.(Sounds familiar to me) I'm a believer who believes in the after tribulation rapture, bcuz I see believer's throughout most of the Revelations.1 Thess 4:16-18.
    1 Corinthians 15:52 How do we all know that this will all happen at once. How do we know that the dead in Christ have not all been raised from the dead already. God is taking our Spirit's, our carnal bodies will remain in the grave. Look there is no since in arguing post-tribulation mid-tribulation etc. But to my eye opening experience of almost dying & even WAY before that, when Princess Diana died August 31st 1997 & mother Teresa died September 5th 1997 & when John Jr died July 16th 1999, I BELIEVING that it was the beginning of the Rapture, it was just a gut feeling I have in my heart & since then good Christians (not perfect but real good Christian Brothers & sister's DYING first) quite frankly the saying that the good die young… who's to say that they rapture has not always been taking place of God's people/Children 🥵.
    We believer's need to stop believing a lie & Start Revival bcuz they want to give us the mark of the Beast. A vaccine that will make us sick & forever change our DNA.They will vaccine everyone, yes that means you. Police, doctor's, everyone & they are suppressing that people are dying & getting sick from the vaccine trials. I want to thank all the doctors & nurses who are coming out with the truth about covid-19.
    The church need to be awake & start THE REVIVAL but the very church is sleeping & also believing the lie of Satan. Fight, against BGates geoengineered cloud's, compare the chemicals to the chemicals they sprayed in Vietnam. Chemical engineering's told me that, that is what is being stayed in these cloud's for making us sick. It is part of Bill eugenics project look it up on YouTube.

  27. Marlena Linne 11/10/2020

    "How dare her parents" allow this to happen? They're sick and this kind of thing is why not everyone is falling for this scam.

  28. Paul Surinamo 12/10/2020

    Maybe she no longer thinks she should be in school. Maybe she never thought that in the first place. 🤔

  29. Look What God Made 12/10/2020

    Oh my😳poor young lady🤯. So damaged by the left.

  30. Frans van Helvoort 12/10/2020

    Here in Europe and in the States you are allmost lynched when you say anything negative on holy saint Greta. It is disgusting to see that she is embraced bij Barak Obama (the great climate science killer) the pope, the dalai Lama, the UN and the European Commission . I wonder what has driven these addults to behave like this. Is it only their lefty madness or is there a bigger thing going on. Think Soros, Think Bill Gates. Think a new world order.

  31. Stephen Barnes 12/10/2020

    Lord have mercy after looking at this i need a slushie and happy meal and a Pokemon go don't hate Greta she's here to warn us from the climate change and the virus Greta she's so brave 😘

  32. judie mccall 13/10/2020

    Could that kid just be alif

  33. judie mccall 13/10/2020

    Sorry I drop the phone. How hard would it be just let that kid have a childhood. Stop making money from her. That is child abuse.

  34. dan naiken 13/10/2020

    CNN or fake news

  35. Donna Yip 13/10/2020

    CNN is run by unqualified people.

  36. 83badyl 13/10/2020

    Thats why Trump ignored her in the past.

  37. Rose gold Gaming 14/10/2020

    Oh my god what she is doing is trying to protect our planet and you all are laughing at a very intelligent 17 year old and all u do is laugh

  38. Jonnybutts Leo 15/10/2020

    Their going to say covid 19 is the result of global warming

  39. I-am' god God 15/10/2020

    Not really
    Greta thunberg is a fraud .

  40. Peter Kent 15/10/2020

    Desperate I’d say, I wonder why they did it 🤔

  41. Jaefar SABNW 16/10/2020

    12 year olds should be more reserved in making claims than she is on these issues.

  42. MaybeSo MaybeNot 16/10/2020

    Her parents should be ashamed…

  43. Gmmonica godsgotthis 17/10/2020

    On YouTube Follow Liliana Robinson's English videos on any subject you want to know she is pretty well informed

  44. Abhiram Kwaza KIDDO 18/10/2020

    I get that theschool system is a bit rigged, actually scrap that, its a shit show tbh, but still, GO TO SCHOOL DUMBASS, not go to trump and say, HoW DaRe YoU. What can you do…

  45. Joe smith 18/10/2020

    Lol, Trump had CNN figured out 4 years ago

  46. mr shields 18/10/2020

    True she is no expert but the so called experts are not any better. I can remember at school being told we are due for an ice age, now it's the plant warming. Also was told we would be out oil by 2000 but we are not. No one seems to get it right.

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