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Courtney Hadwin – Papa's Got A Brand New Bag – Best Audio – America's Got Talent – August 14, 2010

Full Intro and Performance – Original File –
Courtney Hadwin – Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag – America’s Got Talent – Live Quarterfinals 1 – Season 13 – NBC – August 14, 2018


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36 Kommentare

  1. Daniela Quinonez 12. Juni 2020

    This girl is amazing I mean god dam I love your vibe the style you go and be you

  2. Tim Yowell 12. Juni 2020

    Americas got talent. Was the 3rd show she was on. She had already been offered recording contracts before she was ever on AGT. So she was not a undiscovered talent at all

  3. Son Cao 12. Juni 2020

    Sie Fans so schlim

  4. Son Cao 12. Juni 2020

    Eiso nicht böse GE meint

  5. Joann Briones 12. Juni 2020

    She is great love her songs

  6. Diana f 12. Juni 2020

    She sounds great and she's a lot of fun to watch but how many records is she going to sell with the type of music she sings? And how many people are going to buy the CDs ?

  7. Ernane Izaias Ribeiro Ribeiro Ernane Izaias Ribeiro 12. Juni 2020

    Eu vejo. Os vídeos dessa menina até 50 vezes seguidas e todas as vezes me emociono mais eu nunca vi nada igual

  8. soniaustralie 13. Juni 2020

    I want to pay to see her first show !

  9. Kim Page 13. Juni 2020

    You are amazing!

  10. daniel bowlin 13. Juni 2020

    She's definitely unique. I find it hard to understand why people like her singing. But hey, whatever.

  11. SMT S 13. Juni 2020

    1:00 They got what they wanted! Dying Young of a Drug Overdose?

  12. Paivi Project 13. Juni 2020

    Omg What a talented amazing young Lady !! You Rock Courtney !!…haters can suck it & cry 😉

  13. Lea Li 13. Juni 2020

    So nice and special this girl ! Wow 👍

  14. Carol Hock 13. Juni 2020

    She's got that Nick Jagger going . She's good

  15. altops 13. Juni 2020

    She's better than Janis imo

  16. DGB 13. Juni 2020

    The dancing is the best, it’s who you are and who you are is what makes you the best

  17. Christine Hasbani 13. Juni 2020

    I can't say it enough!!!! You are sooooooooo amazing!!! I love you, I love you, I love you!!!!!! Keep going and keep being who you are because you can't improve perfection. WOW!!!!!

  18. Serbie Dog 13. Juni 2020

    Butchered the song. Sorry, girl–back to junior high with you.

  19. Mohammadali Yaghoti 14. Juni 2020


  20. My Plast 14. Juni 2020

    This girl is missing in wood stock in 69'

  21. Karlla Patricia 14. Juni 2020

    Não consigo parar de assistir os vídeos dessa garota. FOOOOOOODA DEMAIS

  22. Hector Belavita 14. Juni 2020

    Es una genia. Me acorde de los Rolligs!!!!

  23. R Garlin 14. Juni 2020

    Yowzer, can she sing!! 👏👏💕

  24. Jeanita Ellington 24. Juni 2020

    This girl is 🔥🔥🔥I’d buy her music. Get it girl ❤️

  25. Jakie Goicolea 3. Juli 2020

    U are very pretty good sing good

  26. Rick Kloek 4. Juli 2020

    Areths Franklin. Tina Turner , Janice Joplin. And now Courtney. Hadwin. It's only rock and roll and I like it. Like it. Yes I do.

  27. Teodorico Hernandez 5. Juli 2020

    Courtney Had had win.

  28. Donna Merrill 14. Juli 2020

    I love your voice hun

  29. alex kiss 15. Juli 2020

    Elle casse la baraque,wow extraordinaire jeune fille,je lui souhaite une belle et longue carrière.

  30. Гулхан Жолдошова 21. Juli 2020

    Браво.некогда не интеросовалось музыками,но она меня тронула!Это фантастика

  31. Tyrone Codner 25. Juli 2020

    Her name is ironic Courtney Had- win for me. Get it.😉🤣

  32. Михаил Серебряков 8. August 2020

    we r waiting 4 U GODDESS of ROCK!!

  33. Kayla Hubbard-Beale 25. August 2020

    Love Courtney, she makes me want to cry, just love her, hope she gets signed one day

  34. Political person 10. Oktober 2020

    I've heard the original and my honest opinion is that her voice messed up on many points. Good energy though

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