Courtney Hadwin – Why Don't We (Original Song) – Reaction

This is my reaction to Courtney Hadwin – Why Don’t We (Original Song)

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Author: Kellz Reacts

14 thoughts on “Courtney Hadwin – Why Don't We (Original Song) – Reaction

  1. You got to love her. Courtz puts so much passion in everything she sings. She is A very special young artist who loves music and singing so much. Courtney Ann Hadwin loves to perform for people and it does not mater if it's A few people or A huge crowd she always gives it her all.

  2. Really well said regarding Courtney and how she's different because that's just her personality, not because she's trying to be something she's not because she thinks she'll be more famous as a result. And when I say Courtney's different, I say it in the most positive way. She's different in the way she dances, but in a quirky-cool, free-spirit kind of way. People made fun of the way she dances, but she's just expressing herself and she said she learned it from watching singing greats like James Brown strut his stuff. She's also different in the way she sings because she has that one-in-a-billion voice, a 60's, 70's rock voice we haven't heard since those times. Even when she sings modern music, she "Courterizes" the songs, adds a little more substance, a little more grit, more soul and more passion and takes out some of the bubble gum in those songs. Most importantly, though, she's a really kind soul who's always been good to her fans and her family and I hope the haters that have bullied her throughout the years eventually just fade away as she enjoys more and more success. Thanks for your spot-on words, brother. Always nice to hear your reactions – Especially when you do Courtz, cause I know you've supported her against haters since her AGT audition.🙏

    This was a great original that she sang! 🔥 Can't wait till her album of originals drops and good reactors like you have lots of new Courtney music to which to react!!! 🎵🎶

  3. Hi Kellz. Always love your Courtney reactions. As an avid fan of Courtney's, I truly appreciate how you've always stood by her and against the hate, while always encouraging her to be herself. She is truly a very special young lady, not only for her singing talent, but just for the type of person she is. The world needs more Courtneys.

    As always, the vocal talent is beyond compare. That part of it just goes without saying. However, the strides that Courtney has made in the other parts of her music are just as incredible. Her song writing skills and the depth and meaning of the lyrics in many of her originals display a maturity well beyond her years as well as an intelligence and depth that truly sets her apart. 'Pretty Little Thing', the original Courtney sang on AGT Champions, was truly a great song and I love it every time I hear it, but the lyrics were just fun. Courtney has come so far in her ability to create lyrics that not only produce great music but, more often than not, have a message to deliver. She is on her way to becoming every bit as revered as a song writer as she will be as performer.

    You mention the guitar skills. Well, Courtney first picked up a guitar less than a year ago and to be at this skill level already just speaks volumes for her work ethic and dedication to her craft. Courtney is never satisfied and always is looking for ways to expand her skill set. It is this combination of vocal talent, performing skills and drive and determination that will one day allow her to reach the pinnacle of the music world. A true icon and legend.

  4. Kellz you've said a lot of things that are spot on and exactly how most fans/followers feel about Courtney. As a fan, everyone seems to feel the same way about her. What I notice lately since Courtney has been learning to play guitar is she's uploading ballads which makes it easier for her to play guitar along with singing. Her rock style has taken a back seat for now. Playing rock songs on guitar for many people learning means using bar chords which she said is tough for her and she's still working on that. When I think about what her genre is mainly, I really can't say it's one thing or another anymore. On AGT it was more rock or R n B. Now she can take a pop song and add that rock flare with her gritty growls and change the way a song was originally sang and now it becomes a mix of different genres combined. But when she does a song like Tutti Frutti by Little Richard it's all out rock. (which btw she has sang that one on her live chats and it was awesome) Some people ask if she's gone away from her rock style. Her answer is "No, it's still there" And she showed that it's still there when she did that one.

  5. Kellz, I noticed you haven't reacted to any of Courtney's Voice kids UK. Have you watched them on your own? Because if you haven't yet your missing out on some of Courtney's best rockers. I'd be surprised if you've missed any of those, but just in case you have. You have to see this one 1st. It's her audition on The Voice kids UK where she covers another Tina Turner song "Nutbush City Limits".
    The judges comments are especially fun to watch how shocked they were. Just as shocking as her 1st AGT audition. This one is where the whole Janis Joplin comparison started by Will I am.
    And this video shouldn't be a problem getting blocked as many have used it. I

  6. Kellz, you continue to have some of the best comments about Courtney, who really is different, like you said, and on her way to being a superstar! Being honest, I did not expect her to exhibit such advanced songwriting skills at this young age. This one, and at least 1-2 others have hit potential when fully produced, and I hope they will be on her album whenever it can be finished. Thanks for your support of Courtney. It speaks volumes that you've been converted by her to music that you previously were not into; Courtney has a way of drawing people in. Fear of being drawn to something different may have led to some of the previous hate; a similar–though even more powerful–thing happened when Elvis brought something new decades ago. It's neat to see how much you enjoy her when you smile and even laugh, because you don't usually display such emotions much on your channel! Keep bringing it with Courtney🎶🎤🎸🌟

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