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CROWDED STREET STOPS IN AMAZEMENT | Creep – Radiohead | Allie Sherlock & The 3 Busketeers

Hi guys, so as I’m sure you noticed if you’re reading this, this is the new band I’m playing with. They are another group of buskers on Grafton Street and we decided to do a few songs together and I think they are absolutely amazing so check them out!

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49 Kommentare

  1. Benjamin Colinet 15. Oktober 2020

    Salut, ça donnerait quoi Allie Sherlock qui chante every thing I Do I Do it for you de Bryan Adams?

  2. Piotr Kudzia 15. Oktober 2020

    Allie Sherlock is the greatest singer in the world, incredibly beautiful💯♥️🌹🏆🥰❤

  3. Sem Schut 15. Oktober 2020

    And the bridge was big disappointment

  4. A Krenwinkle 15. Oktober 2020

    I'm reminded of Cher, who would always expose her tum-tum for attention. But that look doesn't work for everybody.

  5. Janne Hvilsted Norup 15. Oktober 2020

    Her voice is good, her eyes lack inspiration – she’s bored?

  6. soko63 15. Oktober 2020

    Not impressed with this song selection. Radiohead is boring. She’s got a nice voice but so do thousands of others.

  7. manuel paredes 15. Oktober 2020

    Felicidades! Buen performance!

  8. Smit Mandaliya 15. Oktober 2020

    She looks like tsunade if you know what I mean.

  9. Paul Parkhouse 15. Oktober 2020

    Terific voice and a great busker. Would like to see you perform a song rahter than just deliver it.

  10. David Portero García 15. Oktober 2020

    Buena versión, pedazo de voz

  11. Alan Donnelly 15. Oktober 2020

    Omg what a voice where do I find that version of creep best ive ever heard 👂

  12. fatbelly27 15. Oktober 2020

    Just realised Allie cleaned up the lyrics for this audience. Impressive, especially the last minute

  13. Felipe Diaz 15. Oktober 2020

    she boils down to being splendid

  14. h meelker 15. Oktober 2020

    I can't get enough of yhis video. seen it already 10 times at least.

  15. Tof de lokemo 15. Oktober 2020

    Super excellent vivement le concert album 👍👏🙏🇫🇷france

  16. PiDsMedia 15. Oktober 2020

    After this, I think we 'need' to hear this team up perform some Cranberries songs.

  17. Patrick Cleary 15. Oktober 2020

    Wow Allie. You killed this 😃

  18. Nikhil nandan 15. Oktober 2020

    No one can sing this song better than HALEY REINHART.

  19. Claudio Machado 15. Oktober 2020

    She’s a great singer, beautiful, energetic! Uau! Good luck honey!


    Hermosisima voz… pesima actitud,,, el artista transmite… my love

  21. jasm 15. Oktober 2020

    What a voice! Congrats!

  22. anasbit2 15. Oktober 2020

    Amazing performance but lacked the emotions 🙁

  23. muiz nasir 15. Oktober 2020

    Hi, Also visit my YouTube channel for more amazing Aseel Parrot Beak from my farm

  24. Pissed up Gamer 15. Oktober 2020

    Close ur eyes and fall deep great cover

  25. Joe Gonzalez 15. Oktober 2020

    You are SPECIAL, Allie – it's the way you sing those songs with those eyes of yours, the windows to your soul.

  26. Ned Kelly Ireland 15. Oktober 2020

    The Drummer and Bass Player Look Like They just Crawled Out Of A Cave In Afghanistan

  27. Eduardo Gallardo 15. Oktober 2020

    Esta a punto de sacarle el ojo al de la camara con el boton😁

  28. Jm Mariano 15. Oktober 2020

    OMG, this is my favourite song 😍

    Old but gold.

  29. luis carvalho 15. Oktober 2020

    🥁🎶🎵🎸🥁🎵🎶🎸🎵🎶🥁🎵🎶🎸🎵🎶🥁🎵🎶🎸🎤💃👍ALLIE 🇮🇪❤️

  30. Great world 1 15. Oktober 2020

    Just close ur eyes a bit and listen how much her voice hits all inners 😍😍

  31. luis carvalho 15. Oktober 2020


  32. George Dundas 15. Oktober 2020

    I'm sure your Dad is so PROUD OF YOU!
    I listen to you as much as I can , it's so relaxing to hear you sing ,and play the guitar 🎸 🎶. YOU'RE songs they calm me , make me tear up , make me happy , you are so talented, Don't ever stop cause you are a STAR ⭐🌟 . 💯
    Thank you . A loyal Fan . From 🇺🇲

  33. bobvocal 15. Oktober 2020

    This so brilliant!!! your new band fits you so perfectly!!

  34. Indra Alejandro 15. Oktober 2020

    Omg its so so so good alllie

  35. Andrew Levengood 15. Oktober 2020

    Fantastic cover of this song Allie! Proud to be a subscriber. Have you thought about covering David Bowie's "As the World Falls Down" the love theme song to the 80s film Labyrinth? I bet it would sound amazing coming from amazing vocals.

  36. gavin manclark 15. Oktober 2020

    Who buys Allies trousers? They sure aint very flattering. Fabby performance though.

  37. Sean Connolly 15. Oktober 2020

    Where are you from allie?????

  38. Мир Танцы 15. Oktober 2020


  39. suchheroicnonsense 15. Oktober 2020

    Damnit, now I have to go and listen to all my fave radiohead songs. Thanks Allie

  40. Metal Matt 15. Oktober 2020

    Well done! Good to see you do the high bits!!

  41. JoseManuel Andrades 15. Oktober 2020

    Algo le pasó a su alma.

  42. Reynaldo Ted Peñas 15. Oktober 2020

    This performance is gold. Great singing, Allie. 🥰

  43. Sandy West 15. Oktober 2020

    Wow! What a voice!

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