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CROWDED STREET STOPS TO LISTEN! | "Demons – Imagine Dragons" | Allie Sherlock & Saibh Skelly

Crowded street in Dublin, Ireland stops to listen to “Demons by Imagine Dragons” – Allie Sherlock & Saibh Skelly.

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34 Kommentare

  1. Joseph Arriola 5. Oktober 2020

    you guys must joined americas got talent

  2. CHET ! 5. Oktober 2020

    Lotta talent in this village.

  3. Love Love 5. Oktober 2020

    Both Talents well used and thank you for sharing your amazing voice with the world. You deserve a record deal!!!!

  4. Martynas Bučas 5. Oktober 2020

    I would like to live in Ireland, Dublin just for this

  5. glenn curley 5. Oktober 2020

    3:03 in the back is a Guy she sings with as well.

  6. Aussie Allens 5. Oktober 2020

    Perfect song for your voices. Well done.

  7. Tom Goral 5. Oktober 2020

    I want to do your music video!

  8. RobWhittlestone 5. Oktober 2020

    Allie and Saibh – young people with HUGE TALENT! I love their voices and their passion. Infinitely more entertaining than a concert with 100 000 people, a tiny stage and invisible performers

  9. Dynamic Entry 5. Oktober 2020

    Wow what town is this? Free concerto!

  10. rammyfernando 5. Oktober 2020

    take care with this pandemic

  11. Marco Aurélio 5. Oktober 2020

    …. congratulations girl for being so amazing and making young writers dream. Congratulations!

  12. Petter jørgensen 6. Oktober 2020

    Who is that weak singer singing with you?She drags the whole experience down..Not to be mean but she is so much weaker singing than you Allie.

  13. Kennedy Thornton 6. Oktober 2020

    Ur sound so good u always make my day when I’m sad 😀 be safe 🙂

  14. Iceman33 6. Oktober 2020

    Saibh has big tallents.

  15. Patrick E. 6. Oktober 2020

    omg, your voice is amazing 🙂 lets go and keep it up, strive for greatness 🙂

  16. BEACH BUM BO 6. Oktober 2020

    I've been a fan for a long time. That voice just keeps getting better and better! More mature and that vocal range and control is insane. You both sound so awesome together! Well done! Bravo!!

  17. Dontno Nowuno 6. Oktober 2020

    i dont care if i was late for work im STOPPING to listen to these two talented singers

  18. Kerlyn Araya 6. Oktober 2020

    What about Coronavirus?

  19. Ray SrW 6. Oktober 2020

    Cute and nice voice

  20. Dale Nicoll 6. Oktober 2020

    They are rubbish and dont know why I keep seeing there posts. Absolute rubbish

  21. Nachtschleicher 6. Oktober 2020

    Why did you

    Your eyes, they shine so bright
    I want to save that light
    I can't escape this now
    Unless you show me how

    not sung?

  22. matrixab435 7. Oktober 2020

    Sounds like chicken going to slaughter.

  23. Cameron Wright 7. Oktober 2020

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this Girl and her Singing! The best singer ever!

  24. jack dechellis 7. Oktober 2020

    I would love to play drums there

  25. Broken Nativ3 7. Oktober 2020

    They look like sisters 🤞

  26. Bruno Côrte 7. Oktober 2020

    When Imagine Dragons play this song it's powerful but when sung by Allie and Saibh it is ALMIGHTY!!

  27. Kasting Khid 7. Oktober 2020

    discount Johnny Depp in the background.

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