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Darci Lynne Farmer's Full Performance On The Kelly Clarkson Show

All Rights To Nbc And The Kelly Clarkson Show,
America’s Got Talent Winner Darci Lynne Farmer Performs On The Kelly Clarkson Show


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47 Kommentare

  1. Marion Robertson 14. Juni 2020

    Tvmaster 1996 I tell you Darci Lynne is simply amazing any one that can sing like that with their mouth in a fixed position is more than good and I love to hear Darci sing.This is an outstanding performance by Darci.Thanks for the nice video all be blessed with loving care and grace.PS Darci was born to be a ventriloquist she is absolutely a natural and I absolutely love it.

  2. Julio Tapia 3. Juli 2020

    I love Darci she’s sooooo talented

  3. Gary Ranow 8. Juli 2020

    I love doors u-dor seedling you're the best where is petunia

  4. Mario Navarro 9. Juli 2020

    She has an amazing talent greetings from Chile.

  5. Timothy Aaron 11. Juli 2020

    She is definitely pretty precious⛅⛅🌤🌈😇🌹

  6. karry sasfoot 11. Juli 2020

    This is a role model for kids………you can do so much……wow I'm a huge fan.

  7. karry sasfoot 11. Juli 2020

    She is the 8th wonder of the world……..go darci

  8. Seagull Livingstone 11. Juli 2020

    Best of good old America.

  9. mack the knife 12. Juli 2020

    I could watch Darcy all day. Love petunia

  10. jess p 12. Juli 2020

    Wait she's 13?

  11. Crazy Videoholic 14. Juli 2020

    Darci is so beaitiful.

  12. M & Friends 19. Juli 2020

    Darce Lynn is my favorite singer

  13. 光明鬼沢 29. Juli 2020


  14. Mark B 29. Juli 2020

    she picked a bad song for Oscar to sing

  15. Chi Chi 29. Juli 2020

    Omg, you’re close to 100, 000 subscribers. I hope you get there.

  16. Chiquita 31. Juli 2020

    A. 🌹M. 🌹A. 🌹Z. 🌹I. 🌹N. 🌹G. 🌹

  17. Gina 10. August 2020

    Yes.. She's a brilliant, talented young lady. So happy she decided to showcase her talent on AGT.

  18. Rayan Ali 11. August 2020

    Darci is amazing 😍😍

  19. Billy Alford 14. August 2020

    Next time you are at abustle place like airport hotel lobby ,take box and write do not touch and every time someone comes close,make box talk,youse your imagination

  20. pere torribola 21. August 2020


  21. Alex Gv 21. August 2020

    OMG Waauu She is an extraordinary girl, hopefully soon we can see her in Mexico 🌹🌹🌹

  22. Alex Gv 21. August 2020

    Darcy we want you in Mexico please 🌹🌹🌹🌹💖💖💖💖😊😊😊😊

  23. Alovi D Sumi - 150 22. August 2020

    She is so beautiful 😍

  24. Freddie Montanez 22. August 2020

    Darcy Lynne she's amazin. Ive been watvhing all the videos, ever since she won AGT. Also l love Kelly Clarkson. Great show ,Kelly. Congratulations?!. 8/22/20 @ 8:04am.

  25. Gwyn Pasterchek 22. August 2020

    I wonder if her cheeks hurt a lot. Lol. She is really the best.

  26. DockyFlash 23. August 2020

    loved that the crew but a mic for Oscar

  27. M&M Scott 27. August 2020

    I love the part where petunia says what do you do on this twitter. Darci and Kelly, you tweet and petunia says I beg your pardon😂

  28. ricardo reyes 30. August 2020

    Amazing talent grils🙏👏👏Darci Lynne😍

  29. Sunil Lazar 30. August 2020


  30. Sunil Lazar 30. August 2020


  31. Matt Coker 31. August 2020

    boy is she energetic to

  32. Captain Namco 31. August 2020

    This young lady is very talented and glad she's able to tour and share her talent every where she goes with thousands of people out there

  33. Rayme Summers 6. September 2020

    "Oh woman you get nervous in front of woman." – Kelly Clarkson

  34. ღAllisón Gamerღ 8. September 2020

    Traduce esto porfas: eres muy buena con las marionetas a mi siempre me ha gustado ver tu acctuaciones en got talent ahunque esten ingles es impresionante y ahora mirate como has crecido te felicito sigue asi abrazos

  35. Mohd Aslam 11. September 2020

    Very very good talent

  36. Nolan Zils 14. September 2020

    Darci is something else! It would be amazing if she was a co-star on a show with another famous ventriloquist, maybe Terry Fator or Paul Zerdin

  37. Brei Carter 28. September 2020

    Thank you for sharing! Do you have a minute? I posted a new song of mine on my page. As a fellow music lover, I'd love if you'd take a listen. I hope you enjoy 🙂

  38. Nick Wilson 1. Oktober 2020

    Super Sayen Ventriloquist

  39. xx_b u t t e r f l y 9. Oktober 2020

    I'm the 100 comment yay and I also love puppets

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