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Davos Annual Meeting 2005 – The G8 and Africa

The G8 and Africa: Rhetoric or Action?
Poverty reduction is the keystone of the G-8 agenda for 2005. While most of the developing world is experiencing rapid growth, Africa is falling further behind. One in two Africans lives on less than one dollar a day and the scourge of conflict continues unabated while HIV tightens its destructive stranglehold. Without concerted and sustained action by Africans and the international community, ambitious goals for improvements in health, education and nutrition, and ultimately development, will remain unmet, and poverty will tighten its grip.
1) What will it take to transform commitments for change into tangible actions?
2) What role does each sector — including the private sector — play in making this happen?
3) What kind of partnership between the G-8 and Africa will help drive this effort to success?
Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Bono, Musician, DATA (Debt, AIDS and Trade in Africa), United Kingdom
William J. Clinton, Founder, William Jefferson Clinton Foundation; President of the United States (1993-2001)
William H. Gates III, Co-Founder, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Chairman and Chief Software Architect, Microsoft Corporation, USA
Thabo Mbeki, President of South Africa
Olusegun Obasanjo, President of Nigeria
Intervention from the floor
William H. Frist, Senator from Tennessee (Republican), USA; Majority Leader, US Senate
Moderated by
Christine Ockrent, Senior Anchor, Journalist and Author, France 3, France


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6 Kommentare

  1. Ken from Dublin 17/11/2007

    Bono is wrongly attributed as being from the 'United Kingdom' in the text introduction, an unforgivable mistake as we all know perfectly well that Bono is from Ireland and NOT the United Kingdom.

    This is an important point/correction and comment approval for it is is imperative.

  2. World Economic Forum 17/11/2007

    The mention United Kingdom refers to the headquarters of his organization DATA, not his citizenship.

  3. Ken from Dublin 17/11/2007

    Thank you for the clarification of this ambiguity as I'm sure anyone reading it – like myself – would assume it refers to the individual's nationality.

  4. PabZ2K 20/12/2007

    I have to point out that near the end there was an emphasis on nets as a way to prevent malaria. Why isn't money being spent to take out the root cause of malaria which are the mosquitoes? Are these bright minds saying that nets, and waiting for a vaccine are the solution? It takes time to develop a vaccine and people are dying everyday as Bono mentioned. The nets don't address the problem directly. I can't believe that there is no bug spray in Africa.

  5. AfricanDanceIstanbul 05/04/2008

    Thank you very much for this video.

  6. erinhaz 20/11/2008

    bono is the link between the people and the government…that is why he is there. billions of people love him and listen to him. he plays a vital and unique role in getting people involved.

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