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This photo from 120 year ago shows a young girl who appears to look exactly the same as greta thunberg conspiracy theorist says she came from the future to save our planet. She is from sweden stockholm.
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24 Kommentare

  1. tthaakur2860 2. Oktober 2020


  2. __strawberry__woodland 2. Oktober 2020


  3. the_real_taco911 2. Oktober 2020

    Here’s a fact stop reading thing off the internet

  4. mayank.gulati20 2. Oktober 2020

    I don’t know ask her directly if she came from future or not😂

  5. 20.l0pm 2. Oktober 2020

    Wooooooh man😱

  6. 20.l0pm 2. Oktober 2020

    Really thats weird

  7. 20.l0pm 2. Oktober 2020

    I didn’t knew that

  8. 20.l0pm 2. Oktober 2020

    You are providing good information

  9. 20.l0pm 2. Oktober 2020

    But the pic is from past so how can she be from future

  10. 20.l0pm 2. Oktober 2020

    Keep it up bro

  11. 20.l0pm 2. Oktober 2020

    I love your posts

  12. 20.l0pm 2. Oktober 2020

    I will support you

  13. jhon_wicksnip 2. Oktober 2020

    Wow 👍👍

  14. facts.jpg_ 2. Oktober 2020


  15. strygvyr 2. Oktober 2020

    They sent a small girl to save the planet, time traveling might be for small individual

  16. wavesofwait 2. Oktober 2020

    That’s freaky, how could she be a time traveler to future if the photo is from past🤔🤔

  17. _.mhd_shameem_ 2. Oktober 2020

    But 120 year ago means it’s a history.. Then how would she came from future?

  18. evgshocker408 2. Oktober 2020

    There are like 1 million people on the planet right now that looks just like you. This is nothing new. The programmer that wrote the Matrix we live in only used so many faces.

  19. kaushiki_tewari14 2. Oktober 2020

    Yeah, exactly….the photo is 120 years old and she has come from the FUTURE

  20. shadanp16 2. Oktober 2020

    i don’t think that she is gonna save our planet.For saving our planet we all need to make effort.Do u guys even know her,she is the one who just started blamming all the ppl for pollution, nothing will change by blamming ppl.I just want to say that it things will be a lot more good if we ppl start working just talking,blamming or discussing will not change anything

  21. raghulx 2. Oktober 2020

    Thn she have already disturbed past and now she is repairing it

  22. antony_banks 2. Oktober 2020

    So a photo from the past is linked to a girl from the present, and she apparently came from the future to warn us, what ever drugs you taking, stop.

  23. 22_tchoo 4. Oktober 2020

    How a girl from “120 years AGO “can come from future ?

  24. razorback_64 4. Oktober 2020

    How is she from the future if the picture is from the past

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