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Don’t miss this rare chance to get Clorox sanitizer that’s stronger than Purell

Looking for Purell because it’s impossible to find in stores? 12-packs of Purell 8oz pump bottles and 12-packs of Purell 20z pump bottles sold directly by Amazon are both in stock at the lowest prices anywhere online.
If you’re not tied to the Purell brand though, Amazon also has Clorox hand sanitizer in stock right now at great prices — it’s actually even a little bit stronger than Purell.
Medex hand sanitizer is another terrific alternative because it has the exact same formulation as Purell for less money.
Purell is still so difficult to find in stores during the coronavirus pandemic, but Amazon finally has some in stock at prices that actually aren’t gouged. In fact, they’re sold directly by Amazon at the lowest prices on the internet! Both 12-packs of Purell 8oz pump bottles and 4-packs of Purell 1-liter bottles are in stock today, though you can expect them to sell out quickly if history has taught us anything.
Additionally, you can find Medex hand sanitizer with the same formulation as Purell in stock, and it’s a popular brand that’s sold by stores including CVS, Costco, Whole Foods, and 7-Eleven.
There happens to be one more option for hand sanitizer you should consider as you look to stock up on essentials that help prevent coronavirus infections. Were you aware that Clorox makes hand sanitizer as well?
Indeed, the company best-known for making every type of bleach and spray cleaner you can imagine also cooks up hand sanitizer, and it’s obviously among the best sanitizer out there. In fact, at 71%, it even has a slightly higher alcohol content than Purell! It’s made right here in the USA and there are a few listings in stock right now for nice big 33.8-ounce Clorox hand sanitizer refills. If you don’t have bottles on hand to refill, you can also pick up 16.9-ounce bottles of Clorox hand sanitizer and the same large pump bottles in 12-packs for much less per bottle. Finally, Clorox hand sanitizer travel bottles are in stock as well.
On top of all that, it’s a good idea to stock up on face masks while there are some great deals to be found. Best-selling 3-ply face masks are down to $0.23 each thanks to a coupon, and FDA-authorized Powecom KN95 face masks that are perfect for higher-risk situations like riding public transportation or being indoors around other people are back in stock for the first time in a while. NIOSH tested them and found that they filter up to 99.2% of small airborne particles, which is even better performance than most 3M N95 masks! 10-packs are on sale for $26.06 instead of $45, which is a huge 42% discount.

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