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http://www.marketing-paradise.com http://www.business-garden.com Released: July 2008 Brand name: Euronews Agency: FFL Category: Publications & media Credits: Advertiser: euronews Agency : FFL Paris Agency managers: Fred & Farid, Nathalie Chopra, Brune Failliot Creative director: Fred & Farid Copywriter: Julien Boulard Artistic director: Julien Boulard Managers of Advertiser: Philippe Cayla – Michael Peters – Olivier de Montchenu – Walid Chamak – Nathalie Champagne – Elena Calamo Specchia TV production: Robin Accard – Laure Scalbert Production: Guerrilleros Production Media strategist : Pascal Crifo (FFL Media) Number of films: 3 Duration: 30 and 20 seconds For 15 years, euronews has been fighting to broadcast accurate, verified information without any kind of bias. In January 2007, euronews joined forces with the independent agency FFL Paris (Fred & Farid) to combine its global media experience with that of a global communications agency to assess the strategic direction of the news channel. The purpose of the new platform is to highlight the relevance of the euronews model and demonstrate that prioritising facts over perspectives is a virtue at a time when society is experiencing increasing media corruption. In this era of the “citizen journalist “, euronews has adopted the crucial task of ensuring every European citizen is quickly made aware of the facts he needs to form his opinion of the world. Consequently, the new brand platform of euronews boasts a distinct and unique model in a highly competitive news universe: – No studio, no anchormen for a unique and immediately identifiable style; – A European, and therefore, a different outlook on the world; – A multilingualist approach enhanced by the introduction of an eighth language in 2008, Arabic; – An editorial policy of broadcasting accurate and verified information. The philosophy of euronews: “At euronews, we think that to systematically adopt a sensationalist approach to information coerces and distorts …

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