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Evangala Christ – "GV BEAT 1" (Visualizer)

An original song written, performed and produced by Evangala Christ.

Special effects, video concept and editing by Mark Lalonde (that stuff is all my fault) 🙂

NOTE: Grace doesn’t actually appear in this video…hence the “special effects” used on the stand-in model. This video is not officially endorsed by Grace VanderWaal.


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24 Kommentare

  1. VanderVault: The Grace VanderWaal Digital Archive 5. Oktober 2020

    Please visit us at

    NOTE: Grace does NOT actually appear in this video… We used special effects on the stand-in model to give her Grace's appearance. This video is not officially endorsed by Grace VanderWaal, it is a fan-made video.

  2. John Raymond 5. Oktober 2020

    Wonder if there will be more to this? !

  3. Inez 5. Oktober 2020

    I think it is phenomenal! I love the part playing in the rain. Just wonderful!!
    Thank you so much! It’s such a nice little musical. I just think Grace is the best!
    Thank you again!!

  4. JayDeBelen 5. Oktober 2020

    yes the grace SoundCloud collection

  5. linda aumiller 5. Oktober 2020

    I loved this seeing lovely Grace ia a real treat thank you

  6. geoffrey G lorimer 5. Oktober 2020

    Beautiful fan video, the stand in model fooled me completely. Very effective. X

  7. Jean Le Houx 5. Oktober 2020

    Where is that coming from… Where is it going… That's the king of music of a great triller movie!!! Evangala is bringing a brand new genre of music, with a new level of melody. The day that Evangala and Grace meet, it will be something fantastic… That's a great production for a fantastic song in the coming… Can't wait to see where it will lead!?!?!? Thanks Evangala, and a special one to Grace,

  8. mitr DimitDimi 5. Oktober 2020


    Beautiful 0:30 💋💞love u💋💞

  9. Kendra Stone 5. Oktober 2020

    That girl looks soo much like Grace Vanderwaal and yet she is so pretty! 💖

  10. estevan rodriguez 5. Oktober 2020

    Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  11. John Raymond 5. Oktober 2020

    Is this the same stand-in you used before?

  12. Neil Mikesell 5. Oktober 2020

    Absolutely Brilliant!

  13. Barbara Castille 5. Oktober 2020

    This is sweet. Y’all are doing a good buildup for the documentary and LV2 release. I love it. Can’t wait!!!

  14. Cal 99ers 5. Oktober 2020

    Almost Genius, I love that "click and blow" at 0:51. That actress or model was a almost Grace look a like sans the personality of Grace's face. Kinda looks like Gisele Bundchen

  15. roberto riske almeida 6. Oktober 2020

    Beautiful, congratulations and "success always "!!!

  16. pcdoctor48 6. Oktober 2020

    Really nice visual work. Evangala is really getting the hang of using her equipment as well.

  17. Bob Tausworthe 6. Oktober 2020

    I think this is her practising production/mixing techniques.

  18. Laszlo Furi 6. Oktober 2020

    I know you are lying. That is impossible to find someone who is look just like Grace.As we know she does not have a Identical Twin Sister.Her mouth her chin her hair her eyes they are so distinktive like her Woice.

  19. Tim Varney 6. Oktober 2020

    Deep fake Grace. Odd yet haunting music. Unexpected and original. I hope she's doing well in these uncertain times.

  20. Nestor123057 6. Oktober 2020

    This is exactly how I picture Grace in a few years, queen of the city. It's like you read my heart. At the end, I love how you go back to her roots, the woods of Rockland County. The black and white, …it's pure art, like Grace. Thanks. As a kid who grew up on those very streets, I dreamt of it last night. So eerie.

  21. Jackie Tunberg 6. Oktober 2020

    I'm not getting this one very well

  22. Mike Drinan 7. Oktober 2020

    These teasers are awesome, it’s like waiting for the band to come on 🎷

  23. JR Walters 7. Oktober 2020

    howdy people love the work you do thanks for sharing Go Grace!!!

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