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First ever joint rally by SDP and Green Party

(15 Sep 2002)

  1. Pan from Brandenburg Gate to rally
  2. Supporter waving SPD (Social Democrat) flag
  3. German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer walking onto stage
  4. Schroeder and Fischer waving to supporters
  5. Crowd with banners
  6. SOUNDBITE: (German) Gerhard Schroeder, German Chancellor:
    “The Middle East needs a lot of new freedom and no war, ladies and gentlemen.”
  7. Pan of people clapping
  8. Tilt from banners to people clapping
  9. Fischer and Schroeder on stage
  10. SOUNDBITE: (German) Joschka Fischer, German Foreign Minister:
    “We say very clearly, if our partners (the international coalition) are about to make a mistake, our position (of not supporting military action) has nothing to do with anti-Americanism. We have already shown our solidarity and we are ready to take high risks, if we are certain about it. But we have serious questions because we think a step into a war there (in Iraq) is a wrong step and that’s what we’ve told our partners.”
  11. Cutaway of supporters clapping
  12. SOUNDBITE: (German) Joschka Fischer, German Foreign Minister:
    “If we get the majority we will vote for Gerhard Schroeder as German Chancellor, not for Edmund Stoiber or the other chancellor candidate Guido Westwelle.”
  13. Wide shot of stage Schroeder and Fischer
  14. Schroeder and Fischer shaking hands and waving to crowd
  15. Wide shot of Schroeder and Fischer on stage
  16. Wide shot of rally


For the first time ever in a national German election, two political parties have held a joint election rally.

German Chancellor and Social Democrat leader Gerhard Schroeder and Foreign minister Joschka Fischer, who heads the Green party, told a rally in central Berlin they wanted to continue their centre-left coalition in the September 22 election.

Fischer said if the parties won he was happy to remain as Foreign Minister, letting Schroeder retain his position as Chancellor.

Until recently, the ruling SPD/Green party coalition was tailing Edmund Stoiber’s more conservative Christian Democrats in the polls.

But Schroeder’s skillful response to severe floods across Germany and his government’s anti-war position on Iraq have propelled him back into the lead.

A crowd of about eight-thousand people gathered at the rally near Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate to show their support.

Schroeder is alone among US allies in completely ruling out participation in military action against Iraq.

Fischer is also in favour of a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

In an address to the annual United Nations General Assembly, Fischer said there were too many unanswered questions about consequences of military action.

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