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Free Julian Assange

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30 Kommentare

  1. David Green 26/11/2019

    Democracy – the worst form of Government. Easily manipulated by the manipulated by the c*nts.

  2. Go Gan 15/12/2019

    Assange is a hero!

  3. G life 16/12/2019

    The only way to protect people like Kim and Assange is to have many of them .All the best Kim

  4. Sofía Sotres 16/12/2019


  5. Tarsan97 29/12/2019

    Many countries, not only the US has a big grey field between democratic openness and stuff that are kept from you, often under " military classification of secret", or similar.
    It is important in these countries that there is a debate around this, because a pillar in true democracy is transparency. With out it, how can you and me learn what we need to know to let say, vote correctly. And how can anyone justify all kinds of stuff done with you and mes tax money shall be kept under the rug.
    Everybody understand that if you give secrecy to much Ok`s, it is open to abuse. Especially the military sector must be kept an eye with

  6. Joseph Desilva 05/01/2020

    Kim Iversen you have brought tears to my eyes.You ard a great friend of Tulsi.and the American people must go out on the streets and declare the American administration war criminals and Julian Assange a patriot and a hero .Let Truth Prevail.

  7. Jesse H 07/01/2020

    Julian is definitely a hero

  8. Jesse H 07/01/2020

    When it comes to Tulsi she has a lot to learn. She served in the medical field in the Army. I had more security clearance then she even thought of having.

  9. Paul Grossi 10/01/2020

    If your afraid of the truth , you are doing something wrong. These criminals are the biggest flag wavers.

  10. flugbeg 23/01/2020

    No one speaks out against this gross violation of the freedom of speech because the MSM does its best to sweep the issue under the carpet or to vilify JA, thanks again Kim for your brave report!

  11. 강주효 25/01/2020

    Oppa love you kim ok 엄지척 ㅡok

  12. reiner müller 30/01/2020

    Julian is a journalist first. And all journalists in this world should stand up for his freedom.

  13. CHARLES SCOTT 21/02/2020

    This channel is awesome.

  14. ABBAS RADMARD 27/02/2020

    Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are heroes.

  15. 강주효 11/03/2020

    본인도 수사대상자 국제형사재판소에 감방에 가야돼 ㅡ사기죄ㅡ성매매죄 ㅡ난잡힌년이냐ㅡok

  16. Tj Aruspex 15/03/2020

    BRAVA! BRAVA! Thank you for this!!

  17. Peer Kristijan 17/03/2020

    Should have hid in the Russian emassy

  18. Peter Muchman 24/03/2020

    He is not, he is a childish immature hacker.

  19. Ligia Rendon 30/03/2020

    Girl I’m concerned about you from these motherF.. will do anything to you because they are capable of, that’s what they do and been doing it forever.. but specially to the ones who tells the Truth.

  20. Stone James 11/04/2020

    I support you, Kim, to speak up to the world what is a righteous act and what is a hero means to human beings. we need more heroes like ASSANGE.

  21. Claudia Valdez 15/04/2020

    Journalism died the day he got arrested the truth died🌍🌎🌏📰😢

  22. John Lim 22/04/2020

    remember THE PENTAGON PAPERS !!!

  23. John Lim 22/04/2020


  24. djelf7 23/04/2020

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmcZS2LgXaQ&t <- evidence that Tulsi's campaign may have been sabotaged by Trent Pool of Accelevate

  25. Disinformation World 15/06/2020

    Agree. Thank you for saying the truth.

  26. Boon 09/07/2020

    God bless Julian Assange

  27. Michael Irish 20/01/2021

    Trump did away with reporting civilian deaths.

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