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GIRL SINGS AMAZING HARMONIES | Calum Scott-You Are The Reason | Allie Sherlock & Saibh Skelly Cover

Saibh Skelly sings the most AMAZING harmonies! Love singing with this girl! We are performing You Are The Reason by Calum Scott. Enjoy!

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33 Kommentare

  1. David Edwards 25. September 2020

    Absolutely stunning. Had to listen all the way to the end missing the beginning of a film now I'll have to re-start but well worth it.

  2. JanaGardi 3. Oktober 2020

    Love how well your voices blend together! Amazing! PLEASE TUNE YOUR GUITAR NEXT TIME!!! Love you

  3. 00 Free 3. Oktober 2020

    Hi, from Tajik ! Can to listen 10 times beautiful voice!

  4. Paul Rotter 4. Oktober 2020

    Excellent performance!!!🎸

  5. Guitar Slinger 4. Oktober 2020

    How lucky was I to hear that. Long story short I missed a lot of years and when I hear Allie sing this and the killer harmonies in just the right place it's just one more moment I count as a blessing and time well spent. Thank you Allie!!!

  6. J Cerda 4. Oktober 2020

    Where do you play at ?

  7. Prax be 4. Oktober 2020

    Allie, your are just amazing, your voice is so beautiful, send you a lot of love and good vibes from Belgium 💚🎸🎤🎶

  8. Kester Williams 4. Oktober 2020

    She's really really good at singing and at the guitar. Her friend is good too.

  9. john court 4. Oktober 2020

    Hi Allie and Saibh, what a beautiful duet, you both have beautiful voices blessed with a gift to entertain the world over, I see a great future ahead of you both.

  10. M A 4. Oktober 2020

    Where is this, and why is social distancing not happening?

  11. Callum O'connor 4. Oktober 2020

    Spectacular voice 😅😅wow the pair of you are so talented

  12. Arnold Schwarzenegger 4. Oktober 2020

    ❤️🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜❤️🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

  13. Hans Rasmussen 5. Oktober 2020

    Bravooo Saibh Skelly <3

  14. Maeve 5. Oktober 2020

    omg i havent heard saibh sing in a while
    her voice has improved sm she sounds beautiful!

  15. Хорошие Русские Песни 5. Oktober 2020

    Beautiful girls and sing perfectly. Well done!

  16. mikeswave2 5. Oktober 2020

    Seeing young ladies singing like this gives me confidence music will be in good hands

  17. Big Mama N KC 5. Oktober 2020

    You Girls are Awesome 👏♥️

  18. dezeray Rankin 5. Oktober 2020

    Allie never lose that spark & light within you! Absolutely beautiful ❤️ I hope life brings you nothing but love and happiness! I hope all your dreams come true! Xoxo Bravo another BEAUTIFUL PERFORMANCE! Sad to say I just found your channel I wish I had sooner but all I know is your voice is mesmerizing I keep watching video after video xoxo best of luck to you health and happiness ❤️👏👏😚

  19. Jannah Aja 6. Oktober 2020

    Hello sweet…pretty.. your voices makes me feel in love.from just kidding

  20. Евгений Хайруллин 6. Oktober 2020

    I'm from Russia, I want to say you sing charmingly, it's a Pleasure to listen to you, I watch all your releases, I wish you prosperity in everything! ( Я из россии, хочу сказать вы поете очаровательно, слушать вас одно наслаждение, смотрю все ваши выпуски, Желаю процветания во всем! )

  21. Boris But 7. Oktober 2020


  22. Ricardo Matos 7. Oktober 2020

    The Dublin'se girls, só amazing, I love!!!

  23. Orlando Gamarra 8. Oktober 2020

    sus voces son bellas. tienen para mas sigan apoyándose y den gestos bellos y naturales……..exitos desde Peru. Lima. Machupicchu

  24. Totoy Bibbo 8. Oktober 2020

    Please Sing, Rainbow by south border

  25. Fredrick Clemens 9. Oktober 2020

    "id make sure every…ITE difeted the dark"

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