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Glenn Greenwald: Corporate Media IGNORES Julian Assange Due To Professional Resentment, Jealousy

Journalist, Glenn Greenwald, explains why MSM refuses to accurately cover the Julian Assange story.

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43 Kommentare

  1. muzak1861 07/07/2021

    Why does the Hill report on this but mainstream media will not, the obvious answer is some are controlled and others are not!

  2. Jewels 07/07/2021

    Why is Britain keeping Julian Assange in jail

  3. Vyborne 07/07/2021

    What happened to the other/original/usual Rising team?

  4. Charles N 07/07/2021

    Glenn gets this so right then does some moral gymnastics to back Lula.

  5. Axel Sohn 07/07/2021

    Great interview, but I would argue that the MSM has not taken a stand to report or support Assange not only because Assange is an outsider, but also because the MSM is a mouthpiece of the Government with a huge number of CIA and military people imbedded as 'journalists' in it. In some cases the CIA even submits articles to be reprinted under the name of one or another of their assets, in others, the media self censors.

  6. Jannuzi(Jannuzi) Charles(Charles) 07/07/2021

    Keep getting guests like this and I will continue watching. You ought to have Jimmy Dore on soon.

  7. Mary Dunn 07/07/2021

    We don't have a Dept. of Justice. Instead we have a Dept. of Just Us!!

  8. Anon. 07/07/2021

    Professional jealousy my arse.

    This is out and out corruption.

    Assange broke the story of US warcrimes.

    Anyone NOT reporting that story is complicit in the war crimes themselves.

    Journalists were put to death for their part in warcrimes in the past.

  9. ThatDog Barkz 07/07/2021

    Glenn is such a B 😂🤣

  10. Robert Jackson 07/07/2021

    "No war in the last 50 years was started without the support of the press." Julian Assange.
    The establishment politicians and MSM Press can NEVER let him surface a free man. The CIA and FBI will have Trump and Pompeo believe JA a threat to national security for self preservation.
    Hillary wanted to drone strike the Ecuadorian Embassy she was so threatened by JA's information. ALL due to her corrupt arrogance.

  11. Calan MacLeod 07/07/2021

    America the evil villains is the world. Covering up their war crimes. ‘

  12. Mel Mo 07/07/2021

    The freedom of the press stops short of the point where journalists are in fear of losing their jobs. It's not a grand conspiracy. They are owned like never before. When you have a mortgage and two children at college what you gonna do and tribalized people don't seem to demand the truth anyway.

  13. Donald boomer 07/07/2021

    What’s wrong with Glenn’s voice? Bad mic?

  14. Vasilija Wilson 07/07/2021

    Julian Assange is international hirer for all human rights and human dignity
    God bless his and God gave his freedom ASAP from political Mafia from so many countries under American President/presidents from many countries
    Shame on you political parties done by political Mafia
    Let him go home to his family please

  15. Deochan Karan 07/07/2021

    america is not a democracy, it never was. This country orchestrate and culminate the removal of democratically elected government around the world and install their puppet and literally watches as those countries crumbles. The Great Satan, that is america.

  16. Joseph VanLeeuwen 07/07/2021

    How is Britney gaining more traction than Julian. Seems like the same/similar story to me.

  17. Sue Krayer 07/07/2021

    Such an important point Greenwald is making: that the freedoms threatened by the Assange case apply to ALL citizens who bring critical issues of importance to public attention, not just to some elite club of "journalists" that others get to pick (and exclude). As always, great information and insight by one of our very best such public servants. Thanks Glenn!

    Emily, pleeeeesssseee don't do engage in the oh so absurd conservative hyperbole of claiming an organization (always liberal) "has lost all credibility" based on a single decision you disagree with. Seriously, how many times has this been said of the ACLU? Please know that any time a conservative does this a huge percentage of any liberal audience will instantly become too annoyed to listen to what you are saying.

  18. luisofsuburbia 07/07/2021

    "journalist" Glen Grrenwald….. there I fixed a portion of your title. This guy is a clown.

  19. Carmen Iglesias 07/07/2021

    Green Haiti nesecita tu ayuda. Haiti is in Need of your help!

  20. Pumpkin Breath 07/07/2021

    Im good on Ryan Grim, and the Hill

  21. Lara Hamilton 07/07/2021

    Thanks for covering this!!

  22. rick4electric 07/07/2021

    You could ask a hundred questions about the Trump administration that all have the same answer! Trump was just another phony savior! Why didn't he fire Barr as soon as Barr let Comey off the hook? Why didn't he release all the documents like he said he would? There are a thousand things Trump SHOULD have done that were within his power to do but he failed to do them! There were 69 arrests during the Watergate Scandal and the Obamagate scandal is a thousand times worse! There wasn't one arrest from this, the BIGGEST SCANDAL in the History of the United States! A COUP in broad daylight and the theft of two Presidential Elections!

  23. wonder woman 07/07/2021

    Main stream media in America is basically like PRAVDA in the Soviet Union

  24. rick4electric 07/07/2021

    See how they NEVER forgive even the smallest insult? Even if it is accidental, they NEED revenge! His tribe is SO predictable that it is laughable! I love his chipmunk cheeks! They are SO sexy!

  25. Evon Zundel 07/07/2021

    I’m here for Glenn!

  26. rick4electric 07/07/2021

    Such a limited hangout! Pathetic!

  27. Raymond Blech 07/07/2021

    Free Julian. Re-instate Trump. Close the Border. Allow the Keystone pipeline to complete. Re-instate the gold standard to the dollar. Print money only to replenish the old worn paper. Discontinue the penny. Impeach the Democrauts. Educate on leadership the Rebumblicans. Indict Sorros and that portion of US Government which accepted his pay for control. Indict those FBI who covertly instigated the Jan. 6, 2021 DC vandalism. What else?…

  28. Raphdroid T 07/07/2021

    Oh my goddd Glenn snubbt Ryan like a BOSS.

  29. Gerry 07/07/2021

    For truth , I tune into your coverage always Glen. Rising needs you on more often to get their audience back. Thank you.

  30. Justin Lanier 07/07/2021

    “What is this dark power that won’t report on the war crimes of the deep state??” 🥴

  31. Elizabeth Haddad 07/07/2021

    If Assange is ever freed, I suspect Hillary will try to have him assassinated. He would need top notch security.

  32. Valeria Antunovic 07/07/2021

    It is funny that just democrats have power to do something to prosecute or indictment

  33. Gregory Burne 07/07/2021

    Greenwald for World Leader!!

  34. Stef P 07/07/2021

    Free Assange

  35. brandon boulton 07/07/2021


  36. TesserId 07/07/2021

    Not in the club. Could that have something to do with the power that massive media outlets have, being big enough to pay lobbyists.

  37. jetskiWilly Willy 07/07/2021

    Why does the media force everything? Why can the DOJ, the procecutors not just do their F'ing jobs. If the guy is innocent, they should let him out. It should take media coverage to do the right thing.

  38. Quintin Greene 07/07/2021

    Hey Hill
    So you guys offer commentary for truth with a lil Trump bashing on the side.

  39. Celty 07/07/2021

    Investigative Journalism vs pushing State Propaganda. That is the difference between Assange vs US Journalists/MSM today.

  40. discarding sabot 07/07/2021

    Trump was stopped from pardoning him.

  41. Celty 07/07/2021

    Didn't Assange release the DNC and Clinton emails? If so, they will never let him go, and Greenwald just confirmed as I type.

  42. Todd O'Dell 07/07/2021

    Glenn is always a mixed bag. Great journalist in his knowledge but always peppers his answers with personal elements that don't have to do with the story but more a jab at Dem or whomever.

  43. Gregory Wonderwheel 07/07/2021

    It's far more than "jealousy." It's outright hated and fear. Assange is the world's greatest living publisher because he created a wholly new genre of news reporting that publishes the source material BEFORE the journalists can manipulate the data. In the WikiLeaks model, the corporate journalist class is cut out from their role of controlling the "story" and can only report on the story with the source material open to the public to see how the journalists slant their stories. That's why they hate Assange and are deathy afraid that Assange's democratic model of publishing will become the standard.

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