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GOLDENE KAMERA award speech of Greta Thunberg

The young climate activist Greta Thunberg has been awarded the “Special Prize Climate Protection” during Germany’s Media awards show GOLDENE KAMERA 2019. She used her speech to call on media celebrities to raised their voices and spread the message on climate change.


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45 Kommentare

  1. PEMF iMRS 25/08/2020

    Climate change was created by the Global Elites! They control the weather and everything else but Trump is taking them all down, can’t wait! Executions, Arrests and imprisonments happening all over the world and if you don’t believe me, don’t worry you’ll find out within the next 6 months to a year. Climate change the biggest hoax ever and and she’s a part of that

  2. 3xtra Terrestrial 27/08/2020

    She need to go back to school like she wanted….

  3. Alison rainbowz 27/08/2020

    Well done Greta, we all cry around here at the damage being done to planet earth, we love and cherish it like you!

  4. ramesh poithumathi 28/08/2020

    You are biggest roll model of youngsters dear

  5. Monkeyman 31/08/2020

    Covid19 has stepped in to help the planet.

  6. Linda Roper 06/09/2020

    You know she makes money off each time you watch her , delete all her stuff

  7. Studio Gingar 06/09/2020

    Amazônia não é do Brasil 🇧🇷 sua mentirosa pilantra! Quem cuida da natureza até hoje são os brasileiro e o exército brasileiro!
    Vcs só querem a terra 🌏 pra tira a riqueza né !
    Fica no seu país tá ok ! Ué o mundo era cheio de natureza! Por que será que agora tem pouca 🤔 sumiu de uma hora para outra ? Ou ser humano acabou com tudo em !?
    Vc não e brasileira !

  8. Ganjatom420 06/09/2020

    hollywood is not America.

  9. Ulrich Jäcksch 07/09/2020

    Die Erde geht den Bach herunter wegen Greta Thunberg. Die nur an die Dummheit glaubt.

  10. dewbrat kumar 11/09/2020

    You are very great

  11. luisgrod0 13/09/2020

    It’s time to write the universal declaration of animal rights.

    Stop animal cruelty, stop the massacre of wildlife.

  12. Gang Of Four 16/09/2020

    Someone is guilty of stealing this girls soul. She is an MK Ultra victim and also a victim of SRA !

  13. FBI 24/09/2020

    "Just smile and clap, boys, smile and clap"

  14. Shhmyturntotalk 26/09/2020

    These celebrities don't even realize they were insulted. Or maybe they don't care

  15. r K 29/09/2020

    You are really an inspiration for everyone ❤️❤️❤️
    I hope …I also will be able too do something good for our mother earth❤️❤️❤️❤️🌎🌎
    Feeling shame that a girl of 15 year can think and do this much…but we guys were still busy on blaming others..

  16. Gonzalez1003 29/09/2020

    I thought she was receiving an Oscar. Great actress though.

  17. Mateusz Sosnowicz 29/09/2020

    Some of the audience need clothes and at the same time she look very well with her decent word choice for her aim which I am moderately in agreement though more concerned with chemicals all over and the plastic in the sea.

  18. Ronady Firdan 01/10/2020

    She is kyoooooooote

  19. Jamuna R 02/10/2020


  20. Sven Glückspilz 05/10/2020

    A 16 year old autistic child is telling them the truth of Jehovah's Witnesses that apocalypse will come in 11 years and is getting applause. Seems the audience is very religious. It's a mad world…

  21. Aripana Banerjee 07/10/2020

    She is awsome she is maent to have everything

  22. Peter Thiessen 10/10/2020

    Greta is programmed to believe that the end of this life is the end. Read the book that has Authority in every single human beings life, the Bible. This world will burn up and everything that is on it will burn up. Man will not cause this to happen, but Creator God will cause this to happen. The first Earth was destroyed with water, the Bible tells us the next time it will be with fire, and there will not be a third time. All those that have their hope in God and in Jesus have hope for the future, and then there's people like Greta.

  23. Arthur Reagan 11/10/2020

    There is only one indisputable fact regarding climate change and it is never mentioned because of all the stupidity and lack of common sense that prevails today. The Romans were in Britain from 43 B.C. to 410 A.D. and during that period they were growing citrus in the north. How is that for climate change? That is California weather in northern England! Two thousand years ago the climate on this planet was very different and maybe we are starting a swing back to it. Stop listening to the idiot activists like this one and look at the scientific facts.The changes we are seeing in our weather have nothing to do with emissions but are part of a natural cycle of the Earth.

  24. barbaxamos 12/10/2020

    Commenters on this vid are furious (ngl im entertained) but this is just reality. A schoolgirl gives a speech on things shes absolutely clueless about (naturally), a crowd claps and cheers only to later go back to the luxurious lives bestowed upon them by chance and/or success… Both parties are the last people on earth who should be part of this conversation but here they are. Nothing about all of this is strange. In fact, it happens every day because people just love looking good to their friends and audience. This entire speech is hardcore comedy material.

  25. Hazel Johnson 15/10/2020

    This comment section. 🤦‍♀️ She said 11 years until the chain reaction in which human beings and scientist would no longer have control over controlling gas emissions and Co2. Not 11 years until the world ends. And the fact that some people are truly ignorant enough to believe we aren't able to harm this planet and that it will always be healthy? The only way that happens is when we take care of it. And mankind has clearly not. Of course it's not your back that will deal with it so why would you care? Oh, because human beings are selfish and don't like the thought of change.🙄

  26. Parker Wheeler 17/10/2020

    Why do ppl listen to this she Is speaking all lies

  27. Maya Nezha 23/10/2020

    No one cares 👋🏼

  28. d.a. recon 23/10/2020

    Climate change is fake

  29. Radhika Khatri 25/10/2020

    Rich kid born from elite parents talking something obvious. What's there to glorify? I wish speeches could change the world, but they don't. Action changes the world. What have u done Greta? Speaking anyone can do. You too are flying around the world giving scripted speeches

  30. Beauty of Life and Earth 25/10/2020

    Kudos to those who are listening and not clapping when someone is saying that your house is on fire 🔥🔥

  31. Rodriguez Peron 25/10/2020

    "children are sacrificing their education in order to protest clinst change.. "…. Bloody kids are happy to escape school

  32. julia ullrich 26/10/2020

    The fact that she roasted the shit out of them indirectly and without being disrespectful

  33. wikkidtex 26/10/2020

    So she can't put 2 words together in an interview when asked questions, but can memorize a speech. Yeah right! Anyone else thinks she looks eerily similar to Bill Clinton?

  34. Tehzeeb Qamar 28/10/2020

    We live in a strange world where we are fighting this global pendemic and teachers are continuously giving assignments…

  35. Holydiver7019 31/10/2020

    Not only we have do to something to save the nature, mankind has to change, we need a mind revolution to get away with the selfisness.
    Kindnes must rule the world

  36. Cloak Ent 03/11/2020

    honestly, daryl davis. A black man who is friends with a kkk leader, and is convincing people to leave the klan should have won the prize, not greta.

  37. Not So Silly 07/11/2020

    Roses are red, violets are blue
    People will ignore, and so will you.

    Lets be honest,you are here just to listen a 17 yrs old bold speech, not what she says.

  38. Zerblog Flurhmen 07/11/2020

    Climate change is natural look at venus, Mars and so on! Life will find away! May not be human but it will!

  39. NoONe Al's 12/11/2020

    Everyone who claps his hands should get an award for Fake acting…..

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