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Grace VanderWaal Bunk Bed Blues And Teen Philosophy God, ghosts and things live on Instagram10/06/20

Grace VanderWaal feeling a little lonely, and taking advantage of her roommate’s absence, went live on Instagram and played a couple of her compositions still in the works, from there the conversation explored a variety of subjects. including spirituality, paranormal activities, ghosts. and of course gossip of the day. LOL anyway dropped live posts have a tendency to disappear after a while. So I preserved this one for some sort of posterity and I was bored, with the return of the dreaded VanderWithdrawls. enjoy GGT


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3 Kommentare

  1. Inez 9. Oktober 2020

    She gives the best advice and is the best singer songwriter. I watched this already, but I’m so thankful you posted this. Yes!

  2. Debbie Downer 9. Oktober 2020

    Her thoughts on religion are pretty much what she seems to convey in her lyrics. She thinks there's something out there in the way most people who are "not religious" talk about it, e.g., a universal "energy" that connects us, etc. I've had a feeling she has moved past the theistic, Christian teachings she likely experienced in as a young girl in a Catholic family. She said she's not an atheist, but she's not far from letting all that stuff go. I love love love that she said she needs to get older before she settles on it. That is impressively mature, as religious beliefs seem to get carved in at a young age.

    I love what she said about her sister. Lovely. The other main thing I took from this kind of irritates me a bit. Saying she "hates school" is something that I wish she wouldn't go on about so much. She has referred to herself as an influencer, and indeed she is. I cringe thinking about any young kids out there, who adore her and look to her for inspiration, now thinking that school is something to endure. A capacity for, and hopefully the love of, learning is what sets humans apart. I wish she'd be a little more philosophical about learning as opposed to schooling, so that young impressionable people aren't led astray by her apparent disinterest in having anyone teach her anything. I'm overstating that last part, so I'll stress the word apparent. There is a lot of nuance to her positions on things, but a very young fan might not see what others see.

    Also, I think Grace's intended audience for these lives are her peers, not older people. She refers to age groups as us-them, we-they. In other words, she is talking to people about people who are not present in her mind. Hard to say. She's been around older people her whole life, so I just get the sense that she thinks of lives as a way to connect with people in her age group.

  3. James Griego 9. Oktober 2020

    Nice!!!! Thanks Grant Tribe!!

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