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Greta Thunberg DAMNS Trump

Greta Thunberg makes an announcement regarding the 2020 US presidential election, damning Trump. John Iadarola and Francesca Fiorentini break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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“Climate emergency activist Greta Thunberg on Saturday endorsed Democrat Joe Biden, urging climate voters to make their voices heard in the US presidential election.

“Fridays For Future and the youth climate movement are striking again around the world, in a safe way and following Covid-19 guidelines, to demand those in power treat this like the urgent crisis it is,” said Greta Thunberg, the 17-year-old Swede whose solitary school strikes launched a global movement.

Thunberg said in a tweet that she “never engages in party politics. But the upcoming US elections is above and beyond all that”.

“From a climate perspective it’s very far from enough and many of you of course supported other candidates. But, I mean you know damn! Just get organized and get everyone to vote #Biden,” she tweeted.”

#TheDamageReport #JohnIadarola #TheYoungTurks


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50 Kommentare

  1. C R 18. Oktober 2020

    Go Greta!!!!!!

  2. This is SAGE 18. Oktober 2020

    Greta is a little kid…that needs to grow up

  3. CarrieD Away 18. Oktober 2020

    Kids don’t even want you

  4. irene klauber 18. Oktober 2020

    Adam Chistensen has a great plan to sequester carbon with Biochar on large scale. Now I like him!

  5. W.G. Gr 18. Oktober 2020

    The best Joke and it did not happen, but greta should have get the nobel peace price just to make trump mad!

  6. liquidsarcasm 18. Oktober 2020

    The click bait posts…have increased with you guys…guess that's the nature of the beast at this point….

  7. Barbara McCoy 18. Oktober 2020

    Why isn't ISSI backing him or did i miss it

  8. howie bockslytner 18. Oktober 2020

    If Trump ever ends up locked up in the stocks
    Greta should be able to throw the first tomato…Followed by Dr Fauci… Who will be allowed two steps forward to throw

  9. Ray Lan 18. Oktober 2020

    Trump can’t even troll a kid 😂

  10. Lord Auric Curmudgeon 18. Oktober 2020

    She’s a “nasty” teenager and I love her! Gen Z will save the planet.

  11. Human Potatoes 18. Oktober 2020

    Francesca’s impression 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  12. Richard MacLean 18. Oktober 2020

    What does it take to be endorsed by the Taliban… Oh that’s right Trump concentration camps.

  13. BATTLE OF JENKINS' FERRY 18. Oktober 2020

    Oh yeah I remember when this orange buffoon cried a River of Tears because she was put on a Time Magazine cover and he still had his fake one to look at.

  14. Terry B. 18. Oktober 2020



    It's so cool, so cool (like that unfunny woman on your show said) so delicious how President Trump gets under your skin every single day, several times a day. You are waiting for a child to do something great? That's pathetic and so was that woman on your show..

  15. Oh Wyywy 18. Oktober 2020

    mocking greta, gtfo idiots on tyt

  16. Malini Adiga 18. Oktober 2020

    Modi endorsed him ages back. Like is attracted to like

  17. S N 18. Oktober 2020

    Greta in "Spitting image" is hilarious.

  18. B C 18. Oktober 2020

    Fake headers!! Shame on you damg report.

  19. Terry B. 18. Oktober 2020

    TRUMP PENCE 2020!!

  20. WarriorPaxo 18. Oktober 2020

    Dude John don't lump a man trying to change the world for the better in with kkk and the Taliban. I get that he's made public statements that were wrong before but he's just a human who makes mistakes and has varying opinions he's not kkk or the taliban. That shits fucked up.

  21. Tim Croft 18. Oktober 2020

    The Taliban endorsed Trump? Way to bury the lede. lol, just kidding, Greta is awesome.

  22. Kristi Stevens 18. Oktober 2020

    I love Greta!!!! Give him hell girl! I love how she has no fear to stand for what she believes.

  23. Silky Johnson 18. Oktober 2020

    "I DAMN thee" !
    👧👉 🍊 – "l already am" .

  24. Blu V 18. Oktober 2020

    Yes, We need to see more Young people stand for saving our planet. You go Greta, Saving Lives should be our number one concern to open all eyes to make change.

  25. Gee Mo 18. Oktober 2020

    I remember grown Republican men attacking this child's character.

  26. Johnnie Drama 18. Oktober 2020

    It takes a special kind of stupid to elevate the sentiments of a 10-year old school dropout afflicted with autism and claim she is some sort of ✌🏻”expert”✌🏻 on anything
    But hey this is TYT!

  27. Linda Smith 18. Oktober 2020

    Let's just get Biden and Harris in.And then we can focus on fracking, climate change, and all the damn things that trump has destroyed and the democratic party has to put back together.
    I hope you all realize when Bidens administration takes over, they have a helluva mess left to them.

  28. Melanie Simon 18. Oktober 2020

    Take the ride that gets you the closest to where you want to go!! Biden/ Harris 2020.

  29. Leda Cedar 18. Oktober 2020

    I want to be Greta Thunberg when I grow up! Sounds like a perfect statement for T shirts, so why not make and sell; and I'd like mine signed by Francesca Fiorentini !

  30. James West 18. Oktober 2020

    I don't really like Trump as a president but Biden wrote the 1994 Crime Bill and the Patriot Act. If it's possible, Biden is worse than Trump.

  31. Mary Doty 18. Oktober 2020

    Greta is amazing, thank you for making the world aware of the environment and how fragile our world has become.

  32. Scout S. 18. Oktober 2020

    Ok. So we have a president who is jealous of and fights with a teenager.
    The fact that he photo shopped his face onto the Time cover is mind boggling.
    Is this who we want running this country?

  33. gagaplex LPs 18. Oktober 2020

    KKK, Taliban. Makes sense, they're both religious far-right extremists, just for different religions.

  34. The Cloister Bell a Journey Through Time and Space 18. Oktober 2020

    Francesca is great at impressions. Love it 😄

  35. Charlymaumushi 18. Oktober 2020

    We need to be shamed. YES!!!! that's what we need. The USA needs to be ridiculed by every developed Country. I wish other countries would jump in and just roast us for having so much bull shit going on. We need nations to, honestly, agree with the progressive mentality.

  36. keith dunleavy 18. Oktober 2020

    All these repugnants endorsing Biden do make me cringe. Harry and Megan, the rock, etc, etc and now Greta…..she knows as much about politics as she does about the climate…..nothing!

  37. Sue Parras 18. Oktober 2020

    LOVE IT! Trump endorsed by the Taliban, KKK, and the Proud Boys! That's the president that is ruining, oops I mean running the United States! What a joke! PLEASE VOTE BIDEN/HARRIS 2020!🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  38. Charlene Graham 18. Oktober 2020

    Awesome interpretation! Lol. I wish Greta would do an ad, too. We all need to know when to wield our god-given pragmatism.

  39. Busy Bee 18. Oktober 2020

    Francesca, what a spot on impression of Greta.

  40. vidubhai 18. Oktober 2020

    Donald Trump has done more for black people in the history of US than any other president except Lincoln.

  41. Cleve Kaufman 18. Oktober 2020

    Trump is a very unstable nut case the man belongs in prison.

  42. Odin Tenbears 18. Oktober 2020

    Piss off i dont like ether trump or Biden. But the climate bullshit has been played out. I dont give a crap what a little girl who is funded to stir the pit. She ain't a American. So shut the fuck up about American politics.

  43. Brian S 18. Oktober 2020

    Trumps emotional maturity has been surpassed by Greta .At greta's age Trump's allowance was $400,000 a year.Minus the 70 thousand in losses from his trump-aid stand based on the popular kool aid sugary drink.

  44. cne08 18. Oktober 2020

    I can't wait for Donald Trump's childish tweets about Greta Thunberg.

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