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Greta Thunberg full speech at UN Climate Change COP24 Conference

15 year old activist Greta Thunberg speaks truth to power at the UN COP24 climate talks:

“My name is Greta Thunberg. I am 15 years old. I am from Sweden.

I speak on behalf of Climate Justice Now.

Many people say that Sweden is just a small country and it doesn’t matter what we do.

But I’ve learned you are never too small to make a difference.

And if a few children can get headlines all over the world just by not going to school, then imagine what we could all do together if we really wanted to. But to do that, we have to speak clearly, no matter how uncomfortable that may be.

You only speak of green eternal economic growth because you are too scared of being unpopular. You only talk about moving forward with the same bad ideas that got us into this mess, even when the only sensible thing to do is pull the emergency brake.

You are not mature enough to tell it like is. Even that burden you leave to us children. But I don’t care about being popular. I care about climate justice and the living planet.

Our civilization is being sacrificed for the opportunity of a very small number of people to continue making enormous amounts of money.

Our biosphere is being sacrificed so that rich people in countries like mine can live in luxury. It is the sufferings of the many which pay for the luxuries of the few.

The year 2078, I will celebrate my 75th birthday. If I have children maybe they will spend that day with me. Maybe they will ask me about you. Maybe they will ask why you didn’t do anything while there still was time to act.

You say you love your children above all else, and yet you are stealing their future in front of their very eyes.

Until you start focusing on what needs to be done rather than what is politically possible, there is no hope. We cannot solve a crisis without treating it as a crisis.

We need to keep the fossil fuels in the ground, and we need to focus on equity. And if solutions within the system are so impossible to find, maybe we should change the system itself.

We have not come here to beg world leaders to care. You have ignored us in the past and you will ignore us again.

We have run out of excuses and we are running out of time.

We have come here to let you know that change is coming, whether you like it or not. The real power belongs to the people.

Thank you.”

#SchoolStrike4Climate #ClimateStrike #Youth4Climate #YouthUnstoppable #FridaysForFuture


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37 Kommentare

  1. Adam Cadzow 7. September 2020

    She looks like your grandmother.

  2. Angela Thomas 7. September 2020

    We can meme the hell out of her but I think we should also take into consideration her points. It's pretty depressing how we treat ecosystems. It's also really impressive to have her represent our generation, it helps older generations stop misjudging us as ignorant, selfish, and lazy. Go clean energy!

  3. Herraleman 12. September 2020

    "You say you love your above all else, yet you stole their furure in front of them", sounds she is talking about her parents and some kind of abuse. Nvm, God bless Capitalism

  4. luisgrod0 13. September 2020

    It’s time to write the universal declaration of animal rights.

  5. Iris Xu 14. September 2020

    I love Poland ✋😝

  6. Edward Hitten 16. September 2020

    She spoke in an empty room by the way.

  7. wang weihai 19. September 2020

    swedish gene surely is a gift.

  8. MDA 22. September 2020

    Nobody is leaving anything to you
    children that wasn't left to us. You can't change climate. Nobody can.

  9. Mark Mcneil 23. September 2020

    She is being paid by the evil crisis think tank, the CLUB OF ROME. To push the climate change HOAX.

  10. Fast Cars 23. September 2020

    Shut up Greta and go back to school!

  11. Danny Hoberman 24. September 2020

    I'm just Smiling at how millions of people are criticizing her

  12. early owls 29. September 2020

    Pray for Syria😭😔

  13. Adam ElectricDuck 29. September 2020

    why did my video game camp leader send us this

  14. Sam Essa 30. September 2020

    Every leaders should listen to Greta because she knows more about climate change than they do.

  15. Lynda Schroeder 6. Oktober 2020

    We are blessed to have this brave girl who can stand up inspite of criticism to tell the scary truth. I will listen to the critics if they have studied the climate issues as thoroughly as she has. Help us find amazing youths who may have genius ideas for the big changes we must make soon. And it may seem hard to do, but what if it isnt? If we wake up and get off our chubby chairs we might discover amongt us clever innovative minds who have been afraid to contribute for fear of being shut down by crooked enterprizes, and politics. Be a Greta in your own interests and talents…..AND ignore the uniformed. Look for supporters.

  16. Vince Pascual 7. Oktober 2020

    Me: Watches this in a gas powered car

  17. L Gnax 10. Oktober 2020

    She's indoctrinated by the Agenda 21 mafia to spread their propaganda.

  18. Stephen Kikon 11. Oktober 2020

    Climate change is our greatest single security threat

  19. Linglumlok 12. Oktober 2020

    Just shut up! You represent hatred! Your face show it all!

  20. Steve Kay 12. Oktober 2020

    It is sad to see young people who have been lied to and misled about Climate change and Global warming. The truth is that the earth is following normal patterns of heating and cooling, the same as what has happened over the last 2000 years. Sea levels are still the same, and deaths from climate driven disasters are lower in the last decade, compared to previous decades. Do your research on the real evidence and numbers.

  21. Vipassanien100 13. Oktober 2020

    Just found the real Greta Thunberg who gave her Summit of Earth speech in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 The current little turkey is a rich daddy's girl who says herself that she does not give a damn about free trade agreements which are for long circuits! Astonishing for a so-called environmentalist. But it is the pure product of its social class which puts its greed at the forefront far ahead of ecological concerns.

  22. DEADMAN 13. Oktober 2020

    SJW in its highest peak. Booooooooooooooo

  23. MN SHP 13. Oktober 2020

    she speaks on behalf of her parents not what she knows, she is too young to understand

  24. James Connor 15. Oktober 2020

    A true, concerned, honest and brave, courageous and very smart world leader, possibly the only one of this time. She said "the only sensible thing to do is pull the emergency break! 'They' listened… the world stopped. We have felt the full force, but are we going to act on what really matters once all is go again, act on what is the real threat to life, what is the real issue of our time?

  25. Tameka Whitaker 15. Oktober 2020

    There are pictures of her covering one eye….👁 Who suggested that she do that and WHY.

  26. spillarge 15. Oktober 2020

    All you idiot UN people……watch this video and actually learn some basics about climate science instead of listening to an child who can teach you nothing: Here is the link:

  27. Anthony Sosa 16. Oktober 2020

    Where's all the emotional acting!!! I don't get it!! Not enough world leaders in attendance??!!!

  28. Anthony Sosa 16. Oktober 2020

    This is SICK!!! Stupidity 🤣🤣🤣. Good ole USA. Please…

  29. euan cameron 16. Oktober 2020

    My dogs running in her sleep. Its so cute her wee legs going. hehehe

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