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Greta Thunberg to world leaders: 'How dare you? You have stolen my dreams and my childhood'

‘You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words,’ climate activist Greta Thunberg has told world leaders at the 2019 UN climate action summit in New York. In an emotionally charged speech, she accused them of ignoring the science behind the climate crisis, saying: ‘We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth – how dare you!’
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43 Kommentare

  1. Teena Varghese 15. Oktober 2020

    Idk I start laughing when she says I dare u

  2. China star 15. Oktober 2020

    It looks like she's in for a happy, healthy life.

  3. Sebastian Neuwirth 15. Oktober 2020

    Greta Thunberg How Tere you

  4. Logan Bender 15. Oktober 2020

    All the African kids getting the resources from the ground for her electric cars: sorry greta I’ll get back to mining for your electric car

  5. Willem Hamm 15. Oktober 2020

    lol nothings stopping her from going back to school XD besides 💰

  6. Clark piggott 15. Oktober 2020

    She can act though… I’ll give her that. I genuinely think this is a 40 year old trapped in a little girl. If she really believes this, she wouldn’t have to read from a sheet of paper… it would be ingrained in her thought process. She is right –

  7. Jochen Manzenreiter 15. Oktober 2020

    Hat dieses Mädchen schon mal zu Elon Musk, Bill Gates oder anderen dergleichen gesprochen??! Das wären Ihre Ansprechpartner!!!😉👍

  8. Neuro Weaver 15. Oktober 2020

    Hiding the lack of actual evidence for anthropogenic climate change behind the rotten phrase "the science has been settled" and this poor young woman who keeps dressing like a toddler in order to appear less threatening.
    Because 1.6 TRILLION dollars in Carbon taxes is a lot of money to leave on the table of the middle class worldwide!

  9. Communist Fish 15. Oktober 2020

    Fairytales of economic growth? I'm no expert but your so called "climate plan" is the real fairytale here.

  10. hawkdaddy64 15. Oktober 2020

    So people told me to go green so now I use the green handle and the gas station. So people told me I need to recycle so now I recycle dinosaurs in my F-250 diesel truck!!!!

    Greta, you're paid to act that way, my kids never acted like you because they were raised not to act that way.

  11. Lisa Benton 15. Oktober 2020

    Is she auditioning for a leading role?

  12. yes1260 16. Oktober 2020

    This is what a leftist tool looks like. By way kid, nobody stole your childhood except the people who are filling your head with nonsense and trying to make you a poster child for their evil deeds.

  13. trisanu das 16. Oktober 2020

    You should be in school rather than out there daring everybody

  14. Stephen Ginsuanmung 16. Oktober 2020

    'How dare you' present about the problems and accusing while not spoke a word for the means of global solution?

  15. Stephen Ginsuanmung 16. Oktober 2020

    Somebody just try and take her back to stone age!

  16. James Cliff 16. Oktober 2020

    When I was kid my childhood consisted of wondering if I was going to eat or not that night and I didn’t even have it half as bad as many other kids around the world, yet this girl has the audacity to say her life is ruined because her great great great great great great great great great grandkids are going to be warm. How dare she.

  17. Ryan Safar 16. Oktober 2020

    OH MY GOSH climate change is soooooo bad


  18. Moe Elba 16. Oktober 2020

    How dare you like this comment

  19. raja kiyani 16. Oktober 2020

    How dare you scare our children

  20. El Sahara 16. Oktober 2020

    Who wrote the script for her?

  21. cody g 16. Oktober 2020

    Actin like she’s the only one with this opinion an view upon climate change gd

  22. Ananya Tripathi 16. Oktober 2020

    Can anyone tell me what she has done ….on ground…… nothing she is just a loudspeaker………. nothing done by her she just said ….how dare u….and that also she is reading from a f paper…

  23. Dev Pike 16. Oktober 2020

    How dare you Greta
    You have stolen my time with your empty verse

  24. Peter Feistamel 16. Oktober 2020

    Somebody commanded her to say this

  25. Kailan Cubuk 16. Oktober 2020

    Her: I should be in school but u come to me😡😡
    Me: we didn’t come to u go school we don’t want a litt girl

  26. Orangeballs 16. Oktober 2020

    Activist: talks about climate change
    Also activist: flying abroad plane go zoomm zoomm

  27. Bud The Chud 16. Oktober 2020

    Shame on her parents for letting her do her autistic ramble on the big stage

  28. Stoertebekerxyz 16. Oktober 2020

    Ich wollte über Gretchen jetzt abkübeln aber ich habe Mitleid mit ihr und lass das.

  29. Mateo Cook 16. Oktober 2020

    They are sorry for climate change existing

  30. Mateo Cook 16. Oktober 2020

    2:08 me negocating how much chores I have to make so I can go out on friday

  31. Learning Spirit 16. Oktober 2020

    The Noble prize for the best acting of the century goes to………….

    Greta: How Dare You😎

  32. Jonathan Cleaves 16. Oktober 2020

    Lol my reaction to this video is like the guy on the left at 3:42

  33. Kuhlerole 16. Oktober 2020

    A legend says, that she is still daring people.

  34. jamie hales 16. Oktober 2020

    send her to school so she actualy learns and not what she's been force fed

  35. eRmaC 16. Oktober 2020

    Hey guys, anyone wanna talk about eternal economic growth? Coz that's a bad thing…..?

  36. Taniah Nelson 16. Oktober 2020

    Anyone else here because of a school assignment? I am.

  37. Benedikt Maier 16. Oktober 2020

    plot twist: the people cheering and clapping took a photo of her with their iPhones and posted it on their twitter accounts

  38. lethalsmoke 16. Oktober 2020

    What a terrible actor. Sorry I don't take political advise from a middle school drop out.

  39. Arthur Morgan 16. Oktober 2020

    "I wanna be in school or in the other side of the ocean"
    So go!

    Greta: How dare you!

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