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Here is a little rant I went on. I know it’s messily written, but I had to say i…

Here is a little rant I went on. I know it’s messily written, but I had to say it •

#joebiden #pride #blacklivesmatter #blm #pridemonth #berniesanders #lgbt #lgbtq #democrats #climatechange #metoo #gretathunberg #loveislove #trump2020 #conservative #groyper #draintheswamp #trump #memes #conservativememes #republican #news #politics #cnn #MAGA #bluelivesmatter #america #god #explorepage #whiteprivilege


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6 Kommentare

  1. marrsaronii 2. Oktober 2020

    It’s funny how they call him a white supremacist even though the top white supremacist in the country has endorsed Joe Biden because the President doesn’t support white supremacy

  2. pinkboog 2. Oktober 2020

    The Left wins because they control all the cultural institutions (schools, media, hollywood, social media ), if we want to crush them we have to regulate these institutions but ” small government ” conservatives will never allow it 🙌

  3. shane_rademeyer2005 2. Oktober 2020

    I’m one of those weird Gen Z kids. Maybe I just got parents who raised me well.

  4. powerhouseofamerica 2. Oktober 2020

    The education system in America is based of the Prussian model of education which was used in Germany to create non-individuals, weak, unquestioning soldiers. Psychological cues were used to strip the student of individual quirks and their freedom and create an affinity towards authority. This also made it easier for Hitler to take over Germany because the citizens already had that mindset of never questioning authority. Look it up, very interesting.

  5. kennyken1213 2. Oktober 2020

    That’s weird because reading this I remember thinking the same. Republicans were for the rich and only the rich. I don’t remember how or why I came to that conclusion. I didn’t hate republicans for it. But what I did do was some research. That’s why I found out I was lied to and had all this unfounded discontent towards them. But Ive never voted democRAT and never will

  6. patrickathunderbay 2. Oktober 2020

    The Lousy Democrats use these lying tactics every presidential election and IT WORKS. The bias media pushes these false narratives and the black folks are so easily offended so they believe that too. To me it’s so funny that they accuse the conservatives of this, when in fact they are the ones who are guilty of racism and false pretenses. This all started in 1924 during the clanbake of the Democratic national convention. Who were All KKK back then ,

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