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Hottest ever recorded temperature, least amount of ice, heaviest ever rainfall, …

Hottest ever recorded temperature, least amount of ice, heaviest ever rainfall, longest drought, biggest fire, worst flood…. We spend a lot of time covering the worst of the climate crisis, event after event, and yet no real action is taken by those in charge. It is exhausting for you, for me, for us… We have to see the planet burn, as do those in charge, but the difference is that they can do something real, something massive about it.⁠

Although individual change and corporate industry change are not mutually exclusive, it is absurd that the people, companies and leaders in charge fail to act after reading these headlines that keep so many of us up late at night.⁠

The climate crisis is here now, we need immediate action and it is only going to be enacted if we obtain good leaders who are hell-bent on achieving meaningful climate action.⁠
The good news is that it is absolutely obtainable, we can preserve much of what is left. Vote. But not just with your ballot, with your wallet too. Every time you purchase something you are voting for a world you wish to live in. I know this goes against the aforementioned individual change, but I am just encouraging tangible action for all of you to wield in the fight for the planet. Tangible action is good for the soul and the planet. We can only do what we can do.⁠

And we live in a world driven by unhinged capitalistic values fixated on maximising profits at every turn.⁠
Much needs to change. Don’t let climate be the only thing that does.⁠

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3 Kommentare

  1. earthlyeducation 2. Oktober 2020

    #temperature #climate #actnow #gretathunberg #donaldtrump #biden2020 #northernhemisphere #hot #weather #summer #record #fridaysforfuture #warm #meteorology #weatherchannel #stats #maga #activist

  2. _zeta_9 2. Oktober 2020

    We are all gonna die.

  3. returnofthetrees 3. Oktober 2020


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