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Julian Assange: 'This generation is the last free generation'

The Wikileaks founder said that within a year of being born, children are now known to ‘all major world powers’ because their ‘idiotic parents’ post their names and pictures on Facebook. Assange also predicted a global cyber war in the near future as the internet has no distance or borders, and hackers can attack anyone anywhere on the planet. Assange, who still remains in hiding at the Ecuadorian embassy, gave an interview during the World Ethical Data Forum in Barcelona this week.

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29 Kommentare

  1. AutomaticSelector 02/12/2020

    He's an optimist. Our rulers aren't even bothering to maintain the illusion anymore that we have fair elections.

  2. Araz Iranmehr 03/12/2020

    BBC interview with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and the revelation
    of the British government's double standard with Julian Assange and the
    BBC and the British government's lie about freedom of expression
    despite the fact that he has been arrested and tortured
    Freedom of expression is a means of colonizing independent countries to threaten and sanction them with weapons

  3. brian milligan 04/12/2020

    Our Freedoms were Removed Starting 1990 the Start was cameras & computer monitering and it will not end all of civil society will be criminalised & become more criminailsed Their will be a revolt and the outcome will be more adverse for the worst the children of today will be the softest voice ever heard through fear.? THE FINAL OUTCOME PEOPLE WILL BECOME SCARED OF ONE ANOTHER LACKING TRUST TROLLS.

  4. Jt Ugf 06/12/2020

    Free Assange!!

  5. Elizabeth Diane 06/12/2020

    We are the remnant the Bible speaks of

  6. In my Opinion 07/12/2020

    Was he saying this IF Biden got elected?

  7. Maria Gaganta 15/12/2020

    Do You Guy's Know About Sionistas? And What About Che Guevara ❤️ The 🌎Got Lost Of Respect For You 🙏 Go Ahead Feel Proud Dude 😎❤️ Your Accent

  8. Martha Leone 19/12/2020

    Everybody that listen 2this video will say that u beat that system; they're being bullies; trying 2 figure out how 2continue being bullys

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  18. mahmood bahrani 30/12/2020


  19. Xavi Yen 04/01/2021

    Returning here in 2021 Julian has been proven correct

  20. G C 05/01/2021

    Who is here in 2021.. we are in middle of a forced vaccination, government control, lockdown, almost made 2020, fakenews. But people are waking up. Some are becoming woke- please stop. But majority are awakening.

  21. Josephine Stabel 10/01/2021


  22. A K 15/01/2021

    wie recht er hatte

  23. FoxyGringo 13/02/2021

    Real life super hero 💪💪

  24. Eliyasu Shefu 26/02/2021

    This man have wisdom, and I think we have failed him

  25. حارث يزن Hareth 09/05/2021

    The healthy freedom of human being is 50% only

  26. Ehsan Ullah Tanoli 22/05/2021

    This all was explained to us by Prophet Muhammad SAW 1400 years before

  27. amapola53 22/06/2021

    This is scary but true.

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