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Julian Assange's family speak out on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight'

John Shipton and Gabriel Shipton dispute the journalist’s persecution on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #FoxNews #TuckerCarlsonTonight

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27 Kommentare

  1. Did Mir 30/06/2021

    Washington is corrupt. There is no way to free Assange or Snowden.

  2. Kaf Kollectif 01/07/2021

    Jeez he looks as raggedy as Saddam did with that beard 🙈😬

  3. 123tominator007 01/07/2021

    Trump coulda pardoned Assange when he had the chance but at least he pardoned Lil Wayne. A man's gotta have priorities.

  4. Ahava Richardson 01/07/2021

    Look at that hand throw of BAPHOMET

  5. Ahava Richardson 01/07/2021

    Wikileaks pictures of Antarctica! Proves flat earth?

  6. damien morath 01/07/2021

    12 years locked up…..is a long time……….America is no different from Russia in its suppression of the truth…..

  7. Jsmes Wagner 01/07/2021

    They will give him time served. They got what they want.

  8. Angela Colbert 01/07/2021

    we live in an unfair world. We should be thanking Julian for being a truthful man. Come on, why should he be put in prison because he dared to speak out. I admire his courage. there are so many cowards who are happy to sit by and not speak out about terrible things they know. It has to change!!!

  9. Brett Stott 01/07/2021

    Free this man

  10. PEACEFUL WARRIOR 01/07/2021

    Our GOVERNMENT is now the American peoples

  11. Time_4 Change 01/07/2021

    Hasn't Carlson been interned for mental health assessment yet?

  12. Mexicola 01/07/2021

    As a leftist I respect you for giving his family a voice Tucker.
    Much respect.

  13. Connie Corby 01/07/2021


  14. manny mo 01/07/2021

    They criticise the Chinese for holding journalists in prisons and they do worse, they try to send a message to all journalists and whistleblowers this what will happen to you if you think of doing something like this in the future as their crimes is still on going

  15. Arlene Rowland 02/07/2021

    Set this man FREE he is in jail 4 being a goog citizen god bless him , President Trump pardon him set an innocent man free, 🇬🇧

  16. Rebels Against Goverment 02/07/2021

    THank you Pamela for standing up for him. He is a political prisioner.

  17. Mirella Pacheco 02/07/2021

    12 years of prosecution a true journalist

  18. Mirella Pacheco 02/07/2021

    Free Assange 1 rat amendment he pissed off the criminal Clinton

  19. Michelle Norris 03/07/2021

    1st July 2021 – Media & News reports now inform us that a key witness against Julian Assange, Sigurdur Thordarson, now admits to lying. Email / Write / Tel. your congress wo/men, M.P.'s, & government representatives in support of Julian Assange's immediate release. Thank you.

  20. griegs2001 03/07/2021

    I am so impressed by Pamela. The future will prove her right.

  21. sudilos117 04/07/2021

    Dems Lies SETH rich Died

  22. HandGrenades 4Balls 04/07/2021

    Finally, something both sides can agree on

  23. Tracy Evans 04/07/2021

    Why didn't Trump free him?

  24. Draco Boomin 05/07/2021

    Freedom of speech and democracy. The land of the free lmao

  25. FreeUrMindz 06/07/2021

    This is all a symbolic show that yes of course is covering up war crimes too. They are doing this to make journalist think twice about exposing government corruption and War crimes. God help us now at this point. Its seems nobody cares how blatant the criminal activity is now and American citizens dont have the balls to stand up to their representatives either. But then again it seems the last shred of reality in our election system is dead too and all people wanna do is fight for their fake 2 party control system. The dems openly want to take america to its knees financially along with the god granted liberties and foundations that have given us power over tyrants in the past and the republicans only care about acting like they are fighting against the dems and tyranny. Figure out how to hunt, fish, and grow food people. Tyranny is at our door and looking to move in full time with no departure date.

  26. al jorgy 06/07/2021

    free him already he only exposed criminals lock her up!!!

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