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LINK IN BIO – ‘PLANET A’ – 2020: Now More than Ever This short film is set afte…

LINK IN BIO – ‘PLANET A’ – 2020: Now More than Ever

This short film is set after a Climate March, a conversation between two friends and aims to show the importance of really understanding a movement – rather than jumping onto what’s currently trending because everyone around you is doing the same.
The bushfires in the Amazon and then on our own shores here in Australia were really the igniting fire to what became 2020. The combination of clearing land for animal agriculture and #globalwarming caused a serious impact, leading to the Amazon,”The Earth’s Lungs” to be set alight. To burn.
If we don’t begin to change our habits, to understand the causes and impacts of global warming, to care, protect and love our planet – the future of Planet A and for our future generations will continue to head down a path of destruction. – Sangeetha



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  1. n.o.a.h.films 22/09/2020

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  3. g__tab 22/09/2020

    Anotha one

  4. marcus_tzikas 22/09/2020

    Yassss!!! Soo good!! 😍

  5. n.o.a.h.films 22/09/2020

    @sangeethagowda_ congrats!! 🎉🎉😘😘 your hard work finally had its pay day

  6. lavendercocokitchen 22/09/2020


  7. carlo_bmglby 22/09/2020

    So grateful to be apart of this and help this important conversation be heard 🔥😍

  8. 22/09/2020


  9. kaipaynteradvisory 30/09/2020


  10. brendonchhor 01/10/2020

    Respect you guys for taking the time to make these. So much effort

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