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My Reaction to Angelina Jordan – Someone Like You

My Reaction to Angelina Jordan – Someone Like You
I’m back with another reaction to our little Angel. I saw the thumbnail of this one no long ago and decided to discover her cover with you. I’m fond of her outfit and hairstyle.

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Hi! I’m Marie aka FrenchTastic 🙂 On this channel I share my love for the world and its differences. I enjoy going on adventures and discover new stuff. Hope you enjoy it, see you in my videos!

Salut! Moi c’est Marie alias FrenchTastic 🙂 sur ma chaîne je partage ma passion pour le monde ces différences. J’adore partir à l’aventure et découvrir de nouvelles choses. J’espère que ça te plaira, on se voit dans mes vidéos!

Your Frenchie, Marie✌️🇫🇷

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Music by ninjoi. – Femina –

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25 Kommentare

  1. Crondar777 6. Oktober 2020

    I love your videos…I used to come here because you did Angelina reactions…now I come here to see you!!!

  2. Christine Lim 6. Oktober 2020

    Ya, she is magical, it makes me so relax. Great reaction from you always. See you soon. Stay safe

  3. dodong1908 6. Oktober 2020

    I use to love adele sings this song but now i love angelina more singing this song than adele haha

  4. Rod Evans 6. Oktober 2020

    She did a great job but in this case I have to give it to the original a little bit. Just my opinion .

  5. Andres Juan 6. Oktober 2020

    Opera Rock. From Spain please. React to Camilo Sesto: Getsemani ( live 1977 ).

  6. Thomas Russell 6. Oktober 2020

    Absolutely beautiful arangement and presentation of a beautiful song. I was completely relaxed by her voice and rendition of the song as well. Your soft voice, Marie, in your review did not spoil the relaxation, but continued it. Thanks to you for a beautiful start to my day. When I can find a good relaxating start, the whole day seems to go better.

  7. Vania Lazaro 6. Oktober 2020

    OMG I love this young singer so so so much… Tks for this reactions.

  8. Brianne Chittenden 6. Oktober 2020

    You should watch her singing "Fly Me to the Moon" on the View…When she was SEVEN.

  9. Ken Scott 6. Oktober 2020

    One can see the peace wash over you during this reaction, the little half-smiles, the looks of surprise that turn into gladness, the wonder in your eyes at some phrase or word or tone that Angelina uses. It is almost like we get to the end and say, of course she would do it that perfectly. Great performance by Angelina, great reaction by you.

  10. julio chavez 6. Oktober 2020

    Watching you react was very similar to my first time hearing and seeing her sing this song. As you said, " perfection" and that's when I realized I wished I could be a young man again, that I could somehow meet and talk with this young lady. A fleeting moment in time, but I can still listen to her songs and I do every day. Angelina is beyond a singer, she is a creator of emotions. A special human and a gift to the world. Really enjoyed your reaction lady, thumbs up.

  11. Kevin Stern 6. Oktober 2020

    If you listened to that without watching it you would never guess she is so young. She finally got her big girl voice and it is amazing!

  12. Fernando Abanto 6. Oktober 2020

    Your reaction mesmerizing.Thanks.

  13. bruce clark 6. Oktober 2020

    Wow, super reaction. You expressed how her music makes you feel. Well at age 80 I need those feelings a lot. She has NEVER let me down. Saw you open gifts on your channel, I was so happy for you. Take care and thanks. : )

  14. David Sylva 6. Oktober 2020

    Mix in some French words, where appropriate. Sometimes they are more accurate than the English word.

  15. Reginald Workman 6. Oktober 2020

    By the second verse it becomes her song. The reason she touch’s so many with her performances is unexplainable.

  16. Clyde Harris 6. Oktober 2020

    When she sings this one it is even hard to breathe she just takes your breath away and you are transfixed, mesmerized. hypnotized, and she has total control until she stops, waves and lets you come back to earth again. Perfection is right ,but she goes beyond that into a realm no one else has entered before and she takes us with her for a short time. Angelina is the total artist she always sets the atmosphere of what she is singing even down to the clothes she wears, to fit the song.

  17. Eric Gaudet 6. Oktober 2020

    Great job with your reaction to Angelina Jordan singing Someone Like You . If I could say the next time you should check out Born To Die from Lana Del Rey that she covered it Amazing.

  18. Daniel Woo 6. Oktober 2020

    It is breathtaking how Angelina can take a well known song and deliver it In her own way as though it was her own. I think Adele would just love this version as a compliment and that she would give Angelina just the biggest hug.

  19. Peter Howells 6. Oktober 2020

    I love your honesty when reacting. Your face and eyes show how much you are enjoying Angelina's singing. She's so special isn't she? xxx

  20. Kip Vold 6. Oktober 2020

    All that really needs to be said: Angelina Jordan! And also your reaction was fantastic. Thank you sweet Marie!

  21. Carl D 6. Oktober 2020

    Truly get your meaning Frenchtastic…..absolutely beautifully song by the Angel. Great reaction.

  22. Gary Kelley 6. Oktober 2020

    Angelina improves the cover of a song by using diphthongs vocal fry back phrasing and melisma no one can match her

  23. Gary Kelley 6. Oktober 2020

    It's very unusual to see Angelina dress like this with her hair up her trademark is her long hair flowing down both sides of her front shoulders

  24. Mehdi Keyha 6. Oktober 2020


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