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NavyDoc5184's Reaction to Angelina Jordan AGT The Champions

NavyDoc5184’s reaction to Angelina Jordan at AGT The Champions. At a couple of user suggestions, I’m checking out the winner of Norway’s Got Talent 2014 Angelina Jordan perform a cover of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody with absolutely stunning results…

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12 Kommentare

  1. Philip Knopp 11. Oktober 2020

    You said it, she’s amazing! Thanks for your reaction!

  2. albert stern 11. Oktober 2020

    If you want to make this a shocker Sunday , react to I Put a Spell on You at 9 years old. The black and white version.

  3. Yves Tanguay 11. Oktober 2020

    And she was 13 in this video!

  4. rnha VitalVita 11. Oktober 2020



    I need boyfriend 💋💞

  5. MB Equestrian 11. Oktober 2020

    The "woman" is 13 years old! Currently 14 years old, Angelina has now been signed to Replublic records, but she has already released some singles and an album. She released this version of bohemian rhapsody on itunes.
    She's written 3 original songs; Shield, Oslo and What is Life. She has over 100 covers.
    One of my favorite performances is This is a mans world:
    I also LOVE this controversial one:
    And this version of her original song Oslo:
    There are also performances from her time on Norway's got talent on youtube, when she was 7 and 8 years old.

  6. Made Laca 11. Oktober 2020

    NavyDoc, so happy you discovered Angelina 🙂 You're in for a wonderful journey. This 13 years old girl (she's 14 now) has so many things to discover about her. She's the queen of covers, usually making her covers better than the original.And her original songs are great too!
    She started at 7 years old and then at 8 went on to win Norway's Got Talent. But that's just a part of her story. There's soooo much more to her than her incredible artistry!
    If I were you, I'd go back to her audition in Norway's Got Talent to start to understand who she is as an artist 🙂

  7. David Sylva 11. Oktober 2020

    The next shocker should be "I Put A Spell On You", the black and white version when she was 9 or 10.

  8. Andreas Schmitt 11. Oktober 2020

    Hi NavyDoc5184,
    ("…if you know any other good stuff from her…" 😀 you're so funny – sorry, it shouldn't be offensive – you will understand when you have read this comment… 😉 )

    wellcome to the universe of Angelina Jordan and thanks a billion for this reaction to her – I'm sure to hear more reactions from you! …because it is…
    …too late!
    From now on you are assimilated in Angelinas entourage! Resistence is futil…
    Even if you won't believe it and if you are in denial about it: Only listen to one song sung by Angelina Jordan and you are hocked on listening her voice! May be you aren't aware of it yet… a legend says in rare cases there are humans who can resist…. but I can't believe it 😉

    Every time it's a pleasure to watch people reacting to Angelina Jordan – especially when it is the first time – and I hope to see more of your reactions on Angelina Jordan… 😉

    May be you wonder, what videos you should next react to 😉 …

    There is a big pile of over 130 videos on youtube with Angelina Jordans rehearsals, covers and originals…
    She is born 10th Januar 2006, sung her first notes of a Whitney Houston song with 18 months (link see down), started researching the internet for Jazz 3 yo, entered Norske Talenter (Norwegian Got Talent) 7 yo and won it 8 yo, was on AGT The Champions (recorded Oct. 2019, aired Jan. 2020) where she didn't won – some rumours say because she/her mother didn't sign the contract with the enterprise of Simon Cowell for to stay independed – meanwhile she has signed with Republic Records (

    First of all here are the official channels of her and the most known fan club:
    Angelina Jordan Official –
    Angelina Jordan CoverChannel –
    Angelina Jordan Fanclub Mosarz –
    …and her website:

    Some links from the big pile:

    Here the short doku with her singing at 1,5yo
    (see her singing at this age at 1:522:10):

    Her first "visit" to a recording studio at 6yo:
    "I who have nothing":

    … here are some links to the clips of NGT:
    First Audition: "Gloomy Sunday":
    Judges' Cut-Off: "I’m a fool to want you"
    Semi Final: "Bang Bang":
    Final: "Summertime":

    …here in between NGT and AGT you will find a huge selection of videos with Angelina and each of it will blow your mind.

    …her originals (1-3) and songs especialy wrote for her (4+5):
    1. "Shield": my favorite – several versions:
    * live in a TV show
    * audio from a studio recording
    * music video by her granma
    2. "Oslo":
    3. "What Is Life":
    4. "Song for A": – there is a discussion if "A" stands for Angelina, Annie (the woman in the lyrics) or both of them 😉
    5. "Above the water": – interesting voice – even if this is not my prefered genre 😉

    … here her "mini concert" from AGT the Champions (Watch out: With these videos other reactors have the most problems with copyright claims…):
    "Bohemian Rhapsody":
    "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road":
    “Someone You Loved":

    And here is a video where it is explained (with english subtitles) why she performs barefoot: and here an Interview in the norwegian TV (with english subtitles) from 2015 after she has published her book about the story why she is barefoot when performing:

    In addition to school she got also vocal training at the Oslo School of Music and Performing Arts after-school program – and btw. she plays also grand piano, violin, flute and guitar, make her arrangements herself, wrote a book, sew clothes for herself (partly with art from her granma like in her first AGT performance and in her music video "Shield").
    So she is a real multitalent and I think all her fans are eager to see and hear what she is doing next…

    All the other things like more recommendation, chronological playlists and so on you can read in the comments of the megafans like Fernando F., Rusty …

    And a little Question:
    When you react to her cover "I put a spell on you" b/w studio version at 9yo ( – btw. she made most of her cover arrangements by herself!) it would be nice to react in the same reaction video IN ADVANCE to the original from Screemin' Jay Hawkins (from 1956 – Live: or another version of it: or as Audio-Studio-Version: that's real fun 😀 – and than you will find out that Angelinas cover is a real tribute to Jay Hawkins 😀

    Thanks a billion again for your reaction! …and see you soon with your next AJ reactions – with greetings from Berlin/Germany 😀 Best regards

  9. Roy Johansen 11. Oktober 2020

    ❤️ your reaction 👍🙂 , next Angelina singing I’m still holding out for you ? It will blow your mind out 🙂
    Angelina training her little sister to sing ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Bob Wise 11. Oktober 2020

    Welcome to the world of Angelina Jordan. Angelina won Norway's Got Talent at the age of 8, and was 13 in this performance. She has over 120 covers and several original songs on YouTube. Angelina's army of fans will provide you with plenty of suggestions to keep you busy, along with a lot of information about this amazing artist. I would suggest going back to Angelina at 6 years old singing I Who Have Nothing. The link to that video is: Next maybe look at the Norway's Got Talent videos, but you really can't go wrong with any song you choose.

    A word of caution, however. The rabbit hole is deep with Angelina, and if you choose to enter you will like not emerge unchanged. I consider her the greatest vocalist of all time. On another note, Angelina just signed with Republic Records as their highest priority new artist so an album should be coming soon.

  11. ilovecatweazle 11. Oktober 2020

    There's over 130 uploads of this young lady from 6yrs old to now at 14. I can honestly say there is nobody out there that can sing Jazz like Angelina. She does other genres exceptionally well too but her first love was classic Jazz. You can treat her uploads like a jukebox and move around the age but just when you think you've heard it all another amazing performance is made. There are some covers better than others, that changes depending on opinion, but there are no weak performances. Only about a month ago she was signed up to Republic Records at the tender but vastly experienced age of 14 and a half. Try 'Summertime' from NGT at 8yrs old or the black and white version of 'Screaming' Jay Hawkins 'I Put A Spell On You' at just turned 9 and guaranteed you're hooked for life. At 56yrs old I've heard some great singers and Angelina has the potential to be right up there with them. Welcome to the Angelina Zone…lol!

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