Florida officials have reported a case of the new coronavirus variant as COVID-19 cases continue to surge around the country. Dr. Bob Lahita, chairman of medicine at St. Joseph University Hospital and a professor at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and New York Medical College, joins CBSN to discuss the spread of the mutation.


34 thoughts on “New coronavirus variant case reported in Florida

  1. Those who have abandoned their DUTIES of protecting others by wearing a face mask need to have their RIGHTS denied to medical services.

  2. If only the academic community had been sincere in its pursuit of science, and governments had the wisdom to impose external mechanisms of accountability on the totally unccountable and wayward academic community.

  3. only cause 2020 is left behind it doesnt mean “oh new year a better year joe biden is president now we’re in heaven” nope, nightmares are still here and guess what? they came in 2021 too so no its not a better year because ITS STILL HERE!

  4. This is just going to continue getting worse. People who want to get the vaccine can’t because we don’t have enough and we have people who refuse to get the vaccine. I don’t see how things are going to get better. Our country is failing us.

  5. The problem is that the virus mutates on a precise and predictable basis. Scientists track the variants using this data. What no one can predict is when it will mutate in a way that the vaccine won't protect us from or worse in a more deadly variant. So they are literally playing whack a mole with this virus and a vaccine that may not be one size fits all. The up shot is that the more we enable the continued infection of people the more we enable the mutation to continue, and the greater the chance of a strain equal to the pneumonic plague which killed one third of the world's population.

  6. a year into the pandemic … this is a virus that induces a strong inflammatory response. Docs, reporters and politicians seem to be unaware that other countries use first line over the counter, non steroid anti inflammatory drugs!!! Yea, Ibuprofen or Naproxen or Aspirin taken ASAP for over a week. Maybe when the hospitals collapse we will get advise from some ' crazy doctor ' to take them in case of covid. A few months ago Fauci said he was taking vitamin D!!! But there are no government or media campaigns for the public to do it!!! (because CDC, FDA and WHO are waiting for the perfect double blind, randomized, large trial published and peer reviewed) 300,000 dead Americans and there still no perfect vitamin D trial … Some idiot published one where vitamin D was given to some severe ill hostpitalized patients … obviously it did not work: helmets do not work after the accident. All the bets are on the vaccines and on the capacity to have an efficient vaccination campaign … watching those administering vaccines I could observe that about half of nurses do not know how to administer an IM injection!!! They did not verify if the injection was going into a blood vessel! No wonder a few people get strong whole body responses!

  7. Get that general back that was setting up emergency treatment facilities, were gonna need them soon.
    Please encourage medical schools to create rush programs for health care providers, the current heros are going to be dropping from exhaustion, some are close to it now.

  8. My advice: Don't let them experiment on you, don't be their guinea pig, when have you EVER known a vaxxine to improve you're health, how do you know the ppl. who died of corona didn't die of something else & it was called carona to scare the fool's. THEY WANT 1 WORLD ORDER turmoil, fool's that are stupid & will obey their commands. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

  9. Instead of rationing care based on survivability, can we do it off compliance to covid rules? I'd rather care for a sick 80 year old than some mouth breathing drone attending a Christian rock concert.

  10. Well, whatever happens in the future with all that is going on, make sure your eternal salvation in Jesus is secure, Trust with confidence and understanding that Jesus removed ALL of your sins when He died and rose. Simple! If you need some teaching on the matter, the bible teaching site, teachingfaith com is a good source of info. All of their content is free. The teaching series titled, 'change of mind' has all of the basics in ebooks & streaming video formats…

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