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Personal Ranking- Heinz Doofenshmirtz

if you have any versions that are not here, please tell me. Also tell me if oyu know any of the names of the actors, cuz some are left as unknown.r
28. Arabic-Unknown. This one is last cuz…I dont know. This and the next are both weak but I put this list since he really is just…lame. Not horrible but I cant place what it is I dislike.r
27. Indonesian Unknown. This dub in general somehow sounds too quiet and weird and whiserpy, and this extends to Doof though he is one of the better voices here. Hes just…weird.r
26. Telugu Unknown.. I didnt even know this one existed, and the only clip I found was a whole ep of Tree to get ready. Luck me. This one has the right idea and hes okay when talking but singing he just tries way too hard. r
25. Greek Unknown. Hes alright but kind of forgettable. r
24. Romanian Petre Lupu. I like the energy here, but hes just a bit…annoying in some parts. Not bad though. r
23. Czech Unknown. Hes better than I thought he would be knowing this dub and hes got the voice down, but hes just a bit dull, I guess. r
22. Ukrainian Unknown. Another one thats totally fine but just nothing too special. r
21. Serbian Unknown.Another one I didnt know of, and I dont even though if this is Serbian but sources say so and he sounded like no other voice I know so here we go. Hes got the voice and energy just another kind of weird one, like Talugu. r
20. Turkish Atilla Şendil. Not the most memorable but hes okay. r
19. Finnish – Antti Jaakola. A pretty solid one that gets the voice right. Nothing to say .r
18. Korean Unknown. Kind of a guilty pleasure. Hes weird but thats why I like him. Just listen to him in this clip!r
17. Bulgarian Unknown. A surprisingly solid one. A basic good one that gets the characters voice down fine. Just not the most memorable. r
16 European Spanish Abraham Aguilar (Miguel Ángel Varela is the singing voice …but not in the clip I show…). Heres one that doesnt really try to do a big accent, but hs perfomrnace is overall solid, just a bit annoying sometimes. I used this clip cuz its one of his better sonsg in this dub. r
15. European Portuguese Peter Micheal Similar to above with the accent, but he gives a more solid pfromancee. But again, not too memorable. r
14. Swedish- Andreas Nilsson. This is where the notable ones start. A basic solid one that just sounds right. r
13. Hungarian – Háda János. This one is high cuz its so weird but in a good way. He does something a bit different but he still pulls it off. I especially like this clip. It was almost on my forgien songs list but I couldnt find the clip when I made the video.r
12. Hebrew- Gilad Kalter. Another surprisingly solid one that does it all right, but he is a bit too shrill sometimes.r
11. Norwegian Unknown. A pretty smooth voice and I like him more than Swedish but lacks the personality of the new couple. He actually sounds better in Midlife Ciris but the video quality of that one was too poor for me to use. r
10. Russian- Oleg Haritonov (Maxim Glebov is in Season 2 onwards). A very good one that just works and I thought he would be weak for some reason. r
9. Danish Allan Klie. Hes got everything right and hes very enjoyable. r
8. Brazilin Portuguese Samir Murad. Performance wise, he has it all and thats why hes high…but the voice is a bit too deep for Doof but fitting doesnt matter too much so here he is. r
7. Italian- Luca Dal Fabbro. Hes got a ton of energy and hes so good in parts but that also means he can try too hard and be …loud. But its good enogh in general to get high. r
6. German Claus Brockmeyer. Heh, how fitting. A good example of how someone can captured the character and how he is pretty while still sounding good. Hes solid.r
5. Japanese Yohei Tadano. Another example of this but this one sounds a bit more interesting to me.r
4. Dutch- Bob van der Houven. This one is one of the funniest, due to the combination of Doofs voice and the Dutch agent. He does some unique stuff with it and thus, hes pretty damn good.r
3. French Pierre-François Pistorio. He has what the last few have, but hes a just bit smoother in a lot of places, so thats why hes in top 3. r
2. Latin Spanish Germán Fabregat. By objective standards, he is the best. He just gets every thing right in terms of voice and performance. Hes pretty awesome but my favorite is..r
1. Polish- Wojciech Paszkowski. I cant why. He has everything the Spanish one has, but his voice just has…something to it that makes me like him more. He also has the best signing voice, which helps.

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