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REACTION – Angelina Jordan – All Of Me

REACTION – Angelina Jordan – All Of Me

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22 Kommentare

  1. Kevin Jackson 12. Oktober 2020

    All art forms, be it painting, literature, music etc, are very subjective and it is your honesty that brings me back to your channel. Thanks, stay safe ✌️ cheers.

  2. Garth 12. Oktober 2020

    So I sent money for a request and made a complete balls of it.. The money went not the request.. I'd just like you to do a review of PMJ, who are just the best on the planet for light entertainment, Portugal the man aka Mr Postman. it's interesting with great harmonies

  3. Ron R. 12. Oktober 2020

    Wait till you try Someone Like You by Angelina Jordan!

  4. Gry Karlsen 12. Oktober 2020

    Thank you for this one💖 Diamonds are forever with AJ. And please some more Aurora. The Seed ( video) soso powerful! 🌺🌺🌺

  5. David Herd 12. Oktober 2020

    I love it when you react to the world's new SUPERSTAR.
    Look after yourself. 😄

  6. Zom Bie 12. Oktober 2020

    So your reactions are to the song, and not just the performance? No performance of this song could be perfect for you?

  7. Håkon Isak Sarak 12. Oktober 2020

    After Bohemian the cameras captured Simon Cowell almost whispering to Angelina "I dont think you know how good you are" 🙂

  8. Bruce Cumming 12. Oktober 2020

    Good to see you reviewing Angelina again. It appears to me that Angelina has been recording a wide range of songs, probably as a training exercise and perhaps, to see which ones suit her best. The amazing thing is she often is better than the original and makes songs that I don't particularly like enjoyable.

  9. D J 12. Oktober 2020

    She signed with Republic Records a couple of months ago. Could be hearing a lot from her sooner than we all thought.

  10. Mike McDevitt 12. Oktober 2020

    I don't think she could possibly understand the effect she has on me. I don't understand the effect she has on me. No singer has ever touched me like she does. And it's her voice! Her unbelievably;y beautiful voice. You want suggestions? Try Faouzia (anything describes as 'stripped'. Another vocal monster.

  11. Debbie King 12. Oktober 2020

    Oh yea Maunalee, You are spot on.

  12. Debbie King 12. Oktober 2020

    I love her Yellows Brick Road rendition!!!

  13. wes alker 12. Oktober 2020

    You've "lost" some PMJ fans as swell.

  14. krisztián p 13. Oktober 2020

    I wonder what you said about Dimash.He is great and impossible,but I would never listen to him…Angelina on the other hand is a true addiction.I know what I'm talking about…

  15. Lynette Pascua 13. Oktober 2020

    Always love Angelina

  16. hicham barrak 13. Oktober 2020

    I wonder if you have already reacted to her cover of Lana del Ray' "Born to die". Mind-Blowing!

  17. efrat394 13. Oktober 2020

    Daneliya Tuleshova. Younger in the Voice Ukraine and more recently on agt this year.

  18. Victor Duffany 13. Oktober 2020

    You should change your name to Music with a cool mom.

  19. Victor Duffany 13. Oktober 2020

    She sounds wonderful as usual but I wish she would go back to singing blues and jazz songs.

  20. 1time 13. Oktober 2020

    I find Dimash and Diana Andukinova over-produced, especially when compared to Angelina. Every hand gesture, smile, or look at the camera, seem rehearsed with them. Well, obviously they're rehearsed, but to the point of being intrusive. You know, like once you've noticed it you can't unsee it.

  21. Scotty R 13. Oktober 2020

    What makes AJ, AJ, is humility. She is so humble, she doesn't know she's humble, let alone fantastic. As Simon said to her after the golden buzzer, "I don't think you know how good you are, seriously" (a very hard to find video clip btw) I truly feel that while she knows she's good, she is too humble to realize her greatness. Let's hope Republic Records fosters this humbleness.

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