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Reaction to Angelina Jordan singing The Show Must Go On live

My video reaction to Angelina Jordan singing The Show Must Go On live. I hope you enjoy her performance as much as I do.

I acknowledge the source of the video used in this reaction:

I do not own the copyright to any material used in this video.


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31 Kommentare

  1. roddiener 10. Oktober 2020

    Shes quite literally one in 7 billion and she's just getting started! I look forward to your reactions, good work!

  2. Raymond Tyler 10. Oktober 2020

    Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  3. Bruce K 10. Oktober 2020

    Well done. Have a nice weekend!!

  4. Zom Bie 10. Oktober 2020

    👌👌 Nice. As always, you give me more insight. I think this is probably her #2 belting song behind her 'I Have Nothing'. Entirely appropriate for a Freddie cover. Just love that last note crescendo. Amazing breath control.

  5. Albert Philippi 10. Oktober 2020

    No words perfect ✌️😎🇩🇪🇪🇺💯 AJ 💯

  6. Fedor Ivanov 10. Oktober 2020

    Thank you, Bryden, for another great reaction and review! I really love this Angelina’s performance. As usual with Angelina her version is at the same time beautiful and very sincere and soulful. She really make you feel every word and deeply feel the message of the song.

  7. Charles Miller 10. Oktober 2020

    "It's like a metaphor between words and music."
    Man, you bring out so much stuff in Angelina's singing that I was CLUELESS about. I'm getting the idea that she is WAY WAY more talented and more of a musical genius than what I understood her to be.
    Just how the flip is it possible ???

  8. Keith Serafy 10. Oktober 2020

    I really enjoy listening to your videos & your introduction was extra good for this one. As far as the artwork goes, the painting is by Grandma Mery, but don't know who painted the mask, my guess is Angelina. One thing you didn't mention is that she is belting while sitting!!! She doesn't even need to stand up for those sustained belts. Once this Pandemic is over & Queen is touring again, they would be crazy if they don't ask Angelina to sing this & a few others at one of their concerts. Although, since she has signed with Republic Records she will be doing her own concert tours. I see you haven't reacted to one of Angelina's most beautiful songs, which is her cover of Rihanna's Stay. It is a tour de force of Angelina's tasteful use of vibrato & melisma's. I just love it & it's so much better than the original, IMO.

  9. Yves Harms 10. Oktober 2020

    Thx, I enjoyed this one. I've realized, pulling back gives an even stronger emphasis than pulling up. She's really an object lesson for rhetorics 😉
    The painting on the wall, well she has put notes and photos on it in another video. I hope it's only a reprint.

  10. Jette van der Lende 10. Oktober 2020

    Thank you for your always wonderful reactions to this gem

  11. Fundación Retoño 10. Oktober 2020

    Just yesterday as was thinking I missed your reactions to Angelina 🙂
    I absolutely love her take on this song. So many intelligent, respectful, effective choices in her performance! Here she proves (for the non-believers) that she has a beautiful high range; she just doesn't use it all the time!
    I specially like how she sings the word "flaking", so delicately and the bridge is glorious starting with her lower range as you pointed out 🙂
    Note that she is also wearing black which is quite unlike Angelina as a sign of respect ♥

  12. Sven Bodin 10. Oktober 2020

    Yoir are a brilliant teacher!

  13. 9Ballr 10. Oktober 2020

    👩🏻🎤🎵🌎⭐️🇳🇴❤️ Thanks Bryden for another excellent and informative Angelina reaction. Effortless power from Angelina on this one, and beautiful as usual.

  14. Fernando Abanto 10. Oktober 2020

    What a great reaction, you always describe with such accuracy all of those hiden beautiful details in the song,along with that marvelous vocals that Angelina has, with this wonderful rendition. Thank you for sharing such a noble knowledge.

  15. Gary Kelley 10. Oktober 2020

    I believe when Angelina sings the word free that it is a diphthong correct me if I'm wrong

  16. Geneva Priest 10. Oktober 2020

    You phrase "audible Art Work." Yes!!!

  17. LeNa 10. Oktober 2020

    I imagine Freddie watching this and smiling and giving both thumbs up.
    And IMAGINE a QUEEN world tour with ANGELina as vocalist ??
    What a magical 180 it would've been….. fusing gaps of generations and new vision <3
    One can DREAM <3

  18. Myra Antoniuk 10. Oktober 2020

    Thank you, for the brilliant reaction….Angelina is a force of nature..❤️

  19. Dagmara K 10. Oktober 2020

    'Audible Art Work' – loved that. So the rest of your reaction. Thank you, Bryden.

  20. James West 10. Oktober 2020

    Haven't listened to AJ in a while, I'm here for a fix.

  21. James West 10. Oktober 2020

    What keyboard do you have behind you? I've been shopping around.

  22. Roy Johansen 10. Oktober 2020

    ❤️ your reaction 👍😊

  23. Carl D 10. Oktober 2020

    Probably the best rendition of the Queen song dedicated to Freddie Mercury to be seen. You may notice that Angelina will many times wear Black in tributes to fallen artists. Love your reaction as always….so inciteful as usual.

  24. Gary Waterson 10. Oktober 2020

    I will start by saying I love Angelina's music and her apparent personality. I will also say that your voice grates on me, however…… listening to your content is more than enough to get past that. Good job

  25. julio chavez 10. Oktober 2020

    Like Angelina, you never fail to deliver in your analysis and break down. Angelina's voice is everything and her timing is perfection IMHO. I never tire of her singing, no other singer seems to reach deep inside of me like Angelina. Thanks again Bryden always await your reactions of Angelina. Thumbs up.

  26. Mehdi Keyha 11. Oktober 2020

    Another great reaction to our Angel 🙏🙏👍👍🙏🙏💙💙

  27. S Robin Dittrich 11. Oktober 2020

    Angilina's voice knocks me out. Love the artwork that surrounds.

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