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Today On WOULD I SIGN? You will see me react to and answering the all important question would i sign them to my Label! By looking at the 3 important Things to me that make an Artist Markability, Showmanship and of course Ability

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**Im not a vocal coach or singer I don’t have all the skills and knowledge they do about music**
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22 Kommentare

  1. julio chavez 8. Oktober 2020

    Mine was "Bohemian Rhapsody" and she hasn't ever let me go since then. I listen to her every day. Thumbs up sir.

  2. Johannes Dippenaar 8. Oktober 2020

    I love your reaction. You also don't beat around the bush with your commentary. It is so true when you said you cannot compare her to any one. That I think is the best way to explain her uniqueness and is a great compliment.

  3. marvin Boswell 8. Oktober 2020

    Great reaction again.. my mind keep bring back the reality of her age.. people want to compare her to other singers, but when you look at the age of her then look at the age of those singers they are usually 10 to 15 years older. I truly believe that by the time she reaches 26 years she will be one of the greatest to come along .I hope I'm still around for that .lol

  4. Bruce Cumming 8. Oktober 2020

    Nobody could sign Angelina when she was 8yo because her parents wouldn't allow it. They apparently knocked back a number of big offers because they wanted Angelina to have a normal childhood. Judging by what a wonderful person she is I think they made the right decision.

  5. shanialover 8. Oktober 2020

    You should have reacted to the music video. It is better. You should also react to the first song she recorded in a music studio I Who Have Nothing when she was 6.

  6. johnvasi 8. Oktober 2020

    I think you’re hooked. And I know you’d sign her if you could. So, now you can join the other million of us and just enjoy her. For a side you haven’t seen yet, you need to listen to her version of the Adele song, A Million Years Ago. It is just stunning, and it shows the side of Angelina I like best. She’s singing with her favorite acoustic guitar player, looks like she’s at her home, no audience, no mixing. Just Angelina, a guitar, and a mic. You will see the best interpreter of lyrics singing today, displaying her incredible low register, startling and (yes) captivating us with that first note. She handles adult themes beautifully, especially the melancholy in these lyrics.

    And one more—if you want to hear an eight year old that’s impossibly good at expressing melancholy through song lyrics, Angelina’s version of Bang, Bang is a performance from Norway’s Got Talent, the show that presented her to the world. It’s a song I always loved—and Angelina outsings both Cher and Nancy Sinatra. Enjoy the ride.

  7. Fernando Abanto 8. Oktober 2020

    That was a wonderful performance…..only AJ can sing like that,our barefoot princess.Good reaction

  8. Kent Ove Wågenes 9. Oktober 2020

    She is signed by Republic records and they will make millions and millions and millions and millions and millions and millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of whatever currency you like, and she will bring love to the world for sure ❤

  9. 9Ballr 9. Oktober 2020

    👩🏻🎤🎵🌎⭐️🇳🇴❤️ Angelina has a number of different (and they are all different) versions of Fly Me To the Moon out there, but this one is my favorite. I love that she sings this live with just the guitar accompaniment. It is the perfect setting for her beautiful voice. The first time I heard Angelina sing was January 6th, 2020, when her performance of Bohemian Rhapsody showed up in my YouTube recommendations. It didn't take long for her to become my favorite singer ever, and I've listened to her every day since then.

  10. Fundación Retoño 9. Oktober 2020

    It is amazing, isn't it! There's a total disconnect between her image as "just a little girl" and her voice, her musicality, her amazingness!!!
    You have to react to her "Cry Me a River" live when she was 11
    You'll fall off your chair! And in the same channel from @BorisPalenovski you'll find so many treasures! Such as her version of Diamonds are Forever at the same concert.
    Enjoy 😉

  11. David Sylva 9. Oktober 2020

    I saw her video of "I Have Nothing" before I even knew who she was. Just a random selection. I liked it then.

  12. Nestor De Poli 9. Oktober 2020

    Hola, muy buena reaccion, cual tema vi primero de Angelina ? siempre miro a cantantes nuevos, como en los programas de la voz, AGT, etc, y vi video en blanco y negro y una niña y me llamo la atencion, y era Angelina en I PUT A SPELL ON YOU, me volo la cabeza, tengo 51 años y nunca escuche nada igual, desde ese dia no deje de escuchar a Angelina dia tras dia, es magica y al saber mas de ella me encanto las cosas que hace por los demas, el compromiso siendo tan chica, es sin dudas mi numero uno, Angelina es mas que musica, gracias por la reaccion y saludos desde Argentina…

  13. R Burkett 9. Oktober 2020

    First saw her on a Norwegian talk show when she was 7 yo singing “Fly me to the moon”.

  14. Dida Lubay 9. Oktober 2020

    Hello Chatwin , my favorite reactor, please react to Marcelito's rendition of the song I believe in you, by Celine Dion and Eldivo, the link is Ritchillin Sanchez, more power on your channel, stay safe 😊

  15. Robert Tague 9. Oktober 2020

    First heard her in 2015, Gloomy Sunday, just wandering YouTube for great performances of the AGT, Voice, BGT etc. I have been hooked ever since. Too many favorites, but with your musical knowledge you need to hear "It's a Man's World"," I'd rather go Blind" and The Show must go on"

  16. Judley M 9. Oktober 2020

    I've said it before, but she was so unbelievable as a child, I almost wish she could stay that young. Emphasis on almost though. Just an awesome young woman in all respects.

  17. Jerry Cernava 9. Oktober 2020

    I've been a big Billie Holiday fan for 30 years. I came across the video of 7 year old Angelina singing `Gloomy Sunday` while searching for Billie Holiday covers. I'm ashamed to say I skipped it the first time because of her age. Later after being disappointed with what I was finding I went back and gave it a try. I'm sure my chin was on the table because I was unable to comprehend how a 7 year old could sing like that. I can't wait to buy her next album.

  18. P S 9. Oktober 2020

    Everytime We Say Goodbye, California Dreamin', wonderful examples of Angelina's greatness🎶

  19. Spirit Wolf 9. Oktober 2020

    Please react to what many of us consider her best performance to date. Every Time We Say Goodbye, sung when she was just 10 years old. That performance will show you why she is considered the Queen of Jazz now. Great reaction and I have subscribed.

  20. morthnadic1 9. Oktober 2020


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