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“Recycling symbols on the back of product packaging appear on so many items. Oth…

“Recycling symbols on the back of product packaging appear on so many items. Other than the obvious they are there to inform us and help us identify what can be recycled and how. Many of us if not all have seen the famous Mobius Loop or The green dot. But let’s not confuse the two as being equal and instead decode them.

♻️ The Mobius loop: this symbol suggests that it is capable of being recycled. It does not mean that it has been recycled or that it will be accepted in all recycling systems and facilities.

You may also sometimes see the symbol with a percentage sign in the middle of it. This just simply means that it contains a certain amount of recycled material.

The Green Dot: Many people may mistakenly believe this symbol suggests that it’s recyclable when in fact it’s not the case and can be found on a variety of unrecyclable packets. It does not mean that the packaging is recyclable, will be recycled or has been recycled. It is a symbol used on packaging in some European countries and means that the producer has made a financial contribution towards the recovery and recycling of packaging in Europe”.

Credit to @theecogoddess.
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  1. kittyferreirauk 1. Oktober 2020

    Great Post. Educational 🙌🏾

  2. akwildenature 1. Oktober 2020

    Really important information👍

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