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Ryan Grim: The TRUTH Behind The Julian Assange Prosecution

Ryan Grim breaks down the truth behind Julian Assange’s prosecution.

Read the indictment:

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34 Kommentare

  1. JR Fresh 07/07/2021

    Hey guys how reputable is The Hill? Really liked this piece, but I'm just wondering on the validity.

  2. J Rhoads 07/07/2021

    The Hill is suspicious of resembling the democratic party. Start with the glasses.

  3. s h a d ø w b a n n e d 07/07/2021

    So in other words, DOJ framed Assange with the help of western allies.

    Assange should get a statue in DC.

  4. Dark-Boson369 07/07/2021

    Thank you for covering this keep up the pressure!

  5. Rob Sanz 07/07/2021

    I haven't been on here in Months…did something happen to Krystal & Sagaar? 🤔

  6. Assange Campaign 07/07/2021

    The narcissist cowards that hide in the US, UK and Australia (behind their most evil governments in the whole world and their keyboards) and who point the finger at Julian Assange…should be prepared to face the International Criminal Court and a trial in Iraq for the war crimes and illegal invasion committed in THEIR NAME. Let's see who's prepared to face that trial ?…no one of course, they just stand on their pedestals and pretend they are the good people of the world.

  7. vermontbred smith 07/07/2021

    Good segment

  8. Frances Pridmore 07/07/2021


  9. Wesley Snipes 07/07/2021

    Chelsea Manning??? Never heard of him…

  10. Obey Silence 07/07/2021

    Fun fact: Now there is international outcry because Belarus landed illegally a airplane to incarcerate a opposition member.
    The US did exactly the same with Bolivian president Evo Morales above Austria because they thought Edward Snowden was on board. There was no international outcry.

  11. Sher Moore 07/07/2021

    I'm sharing this with the hope that hundreds of thousands of people will watch it. We must not allow ourselves to be brainwashed by foot-licking media who only want to gain government approval even when this means trampling human rights, the Truth and common decency. Thanks for the video.

  12. Charles Wilson 07/07/2021

    Good job. Keep up the great work.

  13. Gabriel LaBelle 07/07/2021

    Ryan keep up the great reporting

  14. PeterDeko86 07/07/2021

    He needs to be released. These charges are beyond insane. Nothing-burger at best. With the way things are going on many fronts, he should be able to release everything he has and let the chips fall where they may. May GOD Bless him and keep Julian under HIS hedge of protection.

  15. violet rocket 07/07/2021

    Thank you for not dead naming or misgendering Chelsea Manning. Excellent explanation

  16. Jim Harrigan 07/07/2021

    The role of journalism is to report the news, and not to steer the government. This is already a problem to escape.

  17. Endangered species.🇬🇧 07/07/2021

    Just to keep Hilary Clinton out of jail? Shes not worth it!

  18. Waldemar Ayco 07/07/2021

    Do not listen to hes claims is false he talks around and around and around do you know what he means? Assage its inesent.

  19. Rodrigo Fernandez 07/07/2021

    Maybe Im weird but I hate governments.

  20. userman44 07/07/2021

    "Assange's prosecution isn't for leaking Clinton Campaign emails." Yes, but that email leak is the one that turned off the brains of most liberals who would otherwise be FIGHTING FOR ASSANGE.

  21. Ross G 07/07/2021


  22. Mark LeFevre 07/07/2021

    I've been away from The Hill for a bit, mostly because they were playing musical chairs. Are we set? Are Emily and Ryan it? I could come back for that, but I don't want to be bait and switched again.
    By the way … great radar, Ryan. It's important to have the whole story laid out at once, rather than piece together disjointed bits of information.

  23. John Rothery 07/07/2021

    Well done. It's pleasing to see a mainstream media organisation actually tackling this issue head on.

    You never know…. there might be a future for Rising. 😎

    John Rothery (Tauranga)

  24. PeKingBJ 07/07/2021

    Ryan's back?

  25. Louise Pelte 07/07/2021

    Wow Ryan! That was a clear explanation for why Julian Assange should be free. Thank you very much!

  26. Wendy Green 07/07/2021

    I hope Julian survives his time in lock up. So sad what he is going through.

  27. Dianne Foster 07/07/2021

    the MSM does not want more. They only tell you what their NWO masters tell you to let them say or they just make up news that backs up what their NWO masters say and do.

  28. Dee Pearce 07/07/2021

    Anyone else having problems sharing this????

  29. Jan Peter Bennett 07/07/2021

    DOJ… Department of jackals.

  30. Jim Kelly 07/07/2021

    Not to get all pedantic here, but cracking a password hash is in fact cracking a password. It is the same thing. A hash is a one way function that transforms some data into different data with no way to reverse it. Best practices dictate that we do not store passwords rather we store hashes. So for example, if you had a password of Password123 and you hashed it with md5 (That is not the kind of hash we use anymore FYI) it would come out like this: 42f749ade7f9e195bf475f37a44cafcb . That is what would be stored on a computer. When a user tries to login they enter their password, which is hashed, if it matches then they can login. If you have a database of known passwords (called a rainbow table) that you hash before hand, then you can look at the stored hashes and line it up with what is in your database and if you have a hash in that table that matches some password, then you know the password.

    Long story short, what you are saying makes no sense. Cracking a hash is the same thing as cracking a password.

  31. alf hucker 07/07/2021

    Assange has never released anything that isn't TRUE!!!!
    The U.S. government do not want the truth to be told!!

  32. Suzanne Harris 07/07/2021

    The U.S. badly needs a win here.

  33. Mariah M. 07/07/2021

    Good segment Ryan.

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