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31 thoughts on “Shocking Photos That Reveal the Truth about North Korea

  1. With as bad as it is why don't the all the people escape then that psychopath won't have power and with luck another country could invade and seize power how any human could be willing to allow that man to treat his fellow humans like that makes me sick 🤢😠😡💯

  2. 진짜 영상하나한 보면 느끼는거지만 저도 미국사는데 영어너무잘하세요 진짜로.. 미국에 늦은나이에 오셧을텐데.. 진짜 영어 너무잘하세여..

  3. Wow, That's an unbelievable things happening world wouldn't have known what is the reality had you not let out those pictures! Really You are beautiful in heart as human, thanks!

  4. Yes some of these pictures are bad , but ask yourself why , the UN said that the DPRK was sticking to the agreements signed in the six party talks , its was the US that unilaterally added new conditions to the agreements with out consulting any of the other five members and when the DPRK complained the US walked away from the agreement and imposed sanctions and then extended the range of sanctions , the US state department has said it would not matter if the DPRK was the most democratic country in the world it is attempting to construct Socialism and as such it poses a threat to US interests and must be crushed , the DPRK cannot buy fertilisers or seeds to plant , it is barred from buying food and medical equipment and medicines, it has the most severe sanctions imposed on any country in the world , if the DPRK had not built nuclear weapons the US would have attacked the DPRK and possibly millions would have been killed , plus the war would have spread to China and Russia , if the sanctions against the DPRK were lifted this inside the country would improve hugely ,it is the US policy that is causing the problems , Che Guevara once said the world would only no peace once america has been crushed , the more i see of the US and its policy the more i think he was right , here in the UK there are over half a million people have no permanent home , the top ten per cent own 70% of the wealth , 8 individuals own 80% of the country , the 30% have nothing , the governments own figures show that if you are born into a poor working class family there is a 98% certainty that you will remain as that , the same figures show that there is no social mobility any more , yes there are a lot of things wrong with the DPRK but the system in the west is not that different , yes you get a vote every five years but the electoral system guarantees that only one of the two establishment parties can win and even if say one of the parties was led by a left winger and they won they would be over thrown by the military , the head of state has given her consent twice for this to happen .

  5. I would actually like to talk to Kim if I could , understand why his family and government treats it's people like that .I think there is a defect in his thinking because it could be a nice country and a paradise ,if people there cared more about each other rather than believeing that to have something others have to suffer , like spread it out if the population is happy , healthy ,and feed they would produce more and be more productive ,if they stopped treating the world like the bad guy .and stopped thinking crime against other countries is the only way they can survive , emagin Kim's family being like the english royal family ,not running the government but haveing veto power , and the government being filled with experts all working together ,not trying to be better than everyone else , trying to keep his head , I would actually love to see the real country and the nature ,maby work with farmers and horticulturists to improve things , I am horticulturist and think so much good could be done in that country ,but not be a threat to the Kim's if they just stopped the oppression their country could be awesome …..fuck china ,cut them out turn north korea into the import hub of Asia cutting china out

  6. Thank you, Yeonmi…I wonder what you think about those in America who take their freedom for granted…you are a precious person and, O so brave… I'll be praying for you and I hope some day you get to know God who will give you even more strength to do what you do… God bless you!

  7. Lots of love ❤️ from Canada 🇨🇦 thank you for exposing NK. It breaks my heart to learn how much of suffering NKs lives are.. You are strong and doing an amazing job. Keep it going.

  8. Trump today represents Gods freedom and the democrats are satans communists dictators trying to use the workers to enhance their lives by suppressing the population

  9. The stupid people in this country who love socialism should see and listen to this young lady! This young lady was so happy to be in a FREE country. Freedom is the most precious thing the free world has. I love to listen to this girl, for she is trying to master our language, and I give her a BIG thumbs up for the job she is doing. Love you girl .

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