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The relationship between Saoirse’s Character “Christine” and her mother turned o…

The relationship between Saoirse’s Character “Christine” and her mother turned out to be the most beautiful fragment of Greta Gerwig’s acclaimed “Lady Bird”. The way the relationship changes through the period of adolescent is complex and the film showed this very realistically.
I think when as we grow up and we grow apart simultaneously from our parents. There is just a very big generation gap between us that will be there in any case. The main thing is having prejudices ~ we think that our parents can never get rid of their conservative thinking and couldn’t adopt to today’s world whereas our parents think that we don’t have any experience and we don’t know the value of money. Basically, in both cases, prejudices are wrong. I mean if someone ever try to adapt according to the other person, he or she can’t because of the prejudices we have already in our mind.
And for most of the time, it creates differences and then it all ends up being what we call “Generation Gap”. We can’t deny the fact that to be on the same page with our parents for a long time is just not possible.
But all we have is them, our love for them and their love for us is the basis of our relationship.
Nowadays, i have seen parents who try to befriends with their child for better bonding. We also have to take some steps to make strong this beautiful relationship we have with our parents.
After all, Parents made us what we are today.
🎬 Lady Bird (2017)
Directed by Greta Gerwig
🖋️ – @so_u_my_dip
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  1. love_to_cinema 2. Oktober 2020


  2. the_cinemaficionado 5. Oktober 2020

    A sell written and thought provoking piece!

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