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The Unflattering Dog Photo Challenge Is Exactly What Humans in 2020 Need Right Now

I’ll be the first to admit that most walks around the block with my Black Lab, Yogi, turn into a full-scale photo op; I simply cannot help myself from taking cute pictures of my pup on our daily adventures! With that being said, I have plenty of outtakes sitting in my phone’s photo library until I get bored enough to delete them, but thanks to a new social media movement called the #unflatteringdogphotochallenge, I may be able to put those pictures to good use after all.
Although we can’t confirm the origins of this delightful challenge, we know that its counterpart, the #unflatteringcatphotochallenge – which features tons of felines making hilarious facial expressions – has utterly taken off. Ahead, find a selection of photos dog owners have shared on social media while participating in this challenge, all of which should make just about anyone crack a smile.


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