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WATCH WHEN GIRLS JOIN JAM SESSION ON THE STREET | Michael Buble-Feeling Good | Allie Sherlock Cover

While I was performing on the street I was joined by these amazing girls and we sang “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble

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30 Kommentare

  1. Dixie Normous 6. Oktober 2020

    All of them girls were amazing! 💓

  2. Joseph PK Pixel 6. Oktober 2020

    1st girl has a crazy intonation.

  3. Саша Львов 6. Oktober 2020

    Кароч как всегда заибисиссимо!)

  4. Vijay Vijay 6. Oktober 2020

    Hi Allie my sweet heart
    I am vijay i came back
    What have you not forgotten
    I am india you understand me

  5. rajesh kudaka 6. Oktober 2020

    Love from India ❤

  6. just a Normal guy 6. Oktober 2020

    One of my favorite songs….🙂

  7. James Ashlock 6. Oktober 2020

    I’m feeling good now!

  8. UGH ugh 6. Oktober 2020

    to many warblies. Great voice, but you are trying to hard to show it.

  9. Илья Кузьмин 6. Oktober 2020

    Спой что-нибудь из Pet Shop Boys

  10. PluggedInPlayer 6. Oktober 2020

    I've been watching Allie for some time now. Anyone know how I can support?
    Edit: just read the description. Tip jar!

  11. Ali Kiki 6. Oktober 2020

    I love you so mutsh 💘❤

  12. kristopher aguirre 6. Oktober 2020

    I feel relax when i listen your song..all the way from philippines.😍😍

  13. Doc Hood 6. Oktober 2020

    The girls are indeed talented and amazing!

  14. Media Pool 6. Oktober 2020

    Thanks for the video! I really appreciate your work!

  15. Jesus Carl Sancheja 6. Oktober 2020

    That girl in black jacket 🔥😍

  16. Norway Roger 6. Oktober 2020

    Wonderful,amazing congratulations!

  17. f vel 6. Oktober 2020

    Millions of thanks for the effort and love you extend between us. Ireland is a very rich country.

  18. Alex U. 6. Oktober 2020

    Where can I find you when I‘m in dublin one day?

  19. Andy Davidson 6. Oktober 2020

    Making the world a better place – thanks girls!

  20. Cris C 6. Oktober 2020

    Allie, I'd like to hear you sing Natalie Inbulgia's song, TORN

  21. ollieoxy1028 6. Oktober 2020

    Hmmm…what to do today???? Oh I know let’s sing someone else’s song

  22. ProTreeVideos 6. Oktober 2020

    Hey random person scrolling down the comments…

    Have a wonderful day 🙂

  23. 50 Shades Of Hatred 6. Oktober 2020

    Is she related to Sherlock holmes?

  24. Gordon Johnson 6. Oktober 2020

    Loved that 🎼❤❤

  25. Robert Jackson 6. Oktober 2020

    Good singers. Although I think the girl in the black jacket ruins it

  26. Жылдыз Илиязова 6. Oktober 2020

    Суппер салам из Кыргызстана 👏👏👍👍👍💪💪💪😘😘😘😘💃💃💃💃

  27. genius1er 6. Oktober 2020

    one word: THANKS

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