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We are living in the sixth mass extinction and the current economic system suppo…

⚠️We are living in the sixth mass extinction and the current economic system supported by those in power is responsible for this.⚠️
We need to convert this incorrect system, which intrinsically functions by the exploitation of natural resources, the same resources our lives depend on. We need to change for the survival of all living beings as we won’t survive within a world where the balance has been destroyed by our actions ✊🌎

That’s why we have decided to donate to different associations that take care of the environment and animals.
Check the link in bio➡️


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Credits to @tvboy


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  1. madridalternativa 2. Oktober 2020


  2. savetheoceanff 2. Oktober 2020

    This is so good 💜🦘💙🐨

  3. mykokua 3. Oktober 2020

    Hey, real quick…we are on a mission to end the global water crisis. A child does every 90 seconds because of it. We donate our profit to fund clean water projects around the world. Could you maybe just give our page a like, to help raise awareness? Thanks! 💙💧✌🏼

  4. emilie_de_locksley 3. Oktober 2020

    What a beautiful image, so representative 👍

  5. headshine 3. Oktober 2020


  6. tvboy 7. Oktober 2020


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