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'We're a team': Greta Thunberg visits Barack Obama

After crossing the Atlantic on a solar-powered boat, the climate activist Greta Thunberg visited Barack Obama in Washington. The former US president later shared a photo of the pair and praised Thunberg as ‘one of our planet’s greatest advocates’. The Swedish teenager is in the US to speak at the UN climate summit on 23 September
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48 Kommentare

  1. Ervin Barjami 23/02/2020

    I feel betrayed

  2. Skandinaviens Nyheter 25/02/2020

    Obama should be president forever

  3. Tom W 27/02/2020

    It's so sad to see. She's being co-opted by the neoliberals with their lip service to climate change.

  4. Emreee 01/03/2020

    Obama one of the best president the US ever had.

  5. Glenda Sabo 02/03/2020

    Two peas in a pod. Losers

  6. KillKenny09 05/03/2020

    Freakshow for the Braindead

  7. mr mc 05/03/2020

    Dumb and dumber

  8. captain skeptical 05/03/2020

    this is stupid…on all the levels

  9. Ken Cur 06/03/2020

    Ridiculous. She can’t even greet a person properly (simply parroting what she is told) and she is given the podium. What sadness this miserable humanity conveys.

  10. popcorns house 06/03/2020

    People need to realise that everyone has an agenda this day and age . Abama jumps on the greta bandwagon because trumps refuses to . Abama thinks it makes trump look close minded and ignorant which is really what matters in abamas mind . He may not be president but he is addicted to politics and he is to smart for greta who shows she is wet behind the ears still ! Does anyone really think abama meets with Greta just to be a nice guy lol .

  11. Kwintek 13/03/2020

    Mr Obama GET DOWN !

  12. whatit isn't 15/03/2020

    Obama talked the talk, but did not walk the walk. except the same from Biden.

  13. whatit isn't 15/03/2020

    aww that's cute… meanwhile it's business as usual. which means the earth continues to be destroyed.

  14. Mr Rubenstein 16/03/2020

    Now we might be getting a glimpse into where some or all her fundraising is coming from

  15. Over Bored 23/03/2020

    Even that was totally scripted, bout time time people woke to this obvious scam

  16. Mr_Robot 24/03/2020

    obama is very stupid men

  17. Can 31/03/2020

    dislike for greta

  18. Noah Eichhorst 05/04/2020

    Robot meets robot

  19. DARK NETWORK 10/04/2020

    I thought Obama was an intelligent person.

  20. The bits an pieces Man 15/04/2020

    I think prince Andrew could help her, he does however need to be alone in a pizza place her.

  21. ryan cliff 20/04/2020

    Obama is the most successful Black man in history.. PERIOD. I love Obama <3

  22. ryan cliff 20/04/2020

    Let's just get this straight. Obama invites her over and listens to her and feels her concerns about climate change. Covid-19 will go away but climate change is here to stay. Obama is such a wonderful man. Just look at him as someone who cares about climate change and respects everyone that meets him. Obama, I love you man 🙂

  23. Jordan TRusso 01/05/2020

    One reason of many I am very happy he isn’t president any more

  24. TTU222911 03/05/2020

    First we have elder abuse with Biden. Now we have child abuse with this character

  25. CiP 03/05/2020

    We will not fall for this creeps.

  26. Black Label 03/05/2020

    Greta how much you got money and followers to be so famous and talk about climate change and your too young of doing this stuff. Go to school girl

  27. Ben 16/05/2020

    These people are trash

  28. W S 19/05/2020

    A hysterical maniac meeting a corrupt politician.

  29. Raúl Mata 23/07/2020

    Greta how are ŰUŰ?
    (U scared me) how dare ű?

  30. Srinath Seshadri 07/08/2020

    People who believe in Global warming buy island beach front mansions for $12 mill ? Sounds more like its global warming for you, beach front Island mansion for me.

  31. Prasad PK 21/08/2020

    Golden globe winner meet Oscar winner to get some tips on how to keep career moving …

  32. Andrés Sanz Correa 26/08/2020

    La Vinagreta, la figura pública que no responde ni sirve pa nada. Más circo mediático.

  33. Frost Soul7755 01/09/2020

    Message to Thunderberg ….
    Try Actually sturggling to live in life and not off rich parents in the dangerous parts of the world with barely anything to protect yourself .
    Sincerely Young people who have a life.

  34. Daniel Clark Clark 14/09/2020

    I miss Barry Obumbum

  35. PEPE LEPEW 02/10/2020

    slow dancing in the dark

  36. Stig Prøyser 09/10/2020

    mr obama i wil not fail

  37. Hansheng Zhou 16/10/2020

    This is the mainstream media's cup of tea

  38. Cosmic Blunder 18/10/2020

    What can Obama do?

  39. Finksvik 18/10/2020

    Why is she a thing

  40. White Rabbit 22/10/2020

    Her speech has aged well…!

  41. Michael Byrd 28/10/2020

    A parents job is to raise their child with love, security and above all truth. You have to put aside your own desire's for your child's own well being.

  42. Michael Byrd 28/10/2020

    Only one leader in world pulled out of the Paris Accord wasn't Obama.

  43. JESUS IS GOD 10/11/2020

    Lies climate change lies..takedown of humanity

  44. jim page 13/11/2020

    She’s trying

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