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What Greta Thunberg does not understand about climate change | Jordan Peterson

After listening to him I realized that we often take pleasure in criticizing the government and its because its easy. it’s easier than working. things are complicated and if you can’t help it then at least don’t criticize.

“Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world” – JP

#climatechange #globalwarming #jordanpeterson #gretathunberg


Jordan Peterson | Cambridge Union

In full: Climate activist Greta Thunberg rebukes world leaders | A New Climate


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28 Kommentare

  1. janinegia 16. Oktober 2020

    He's far too pessimistic. Storage is coming along. But, it's a worthy discussion because he sees the subtleties and the need to retain a cool head and look objectively at the WHOLE picture, and not oversimplify.

  2. Supernatural 16. Oktober 2020

    OooooOOOoOOoOH the virtue points!! 😀 and yeah this is the most cringe/staged thing i've seen. they've weaponized a child – didnt work did it. back to school.

  3. Trev Newman 16. Oktober 2020

    Greta cringe thank goodness for rational thought

  4. Kim Lawrence 16. Oktober 2020

    This is why I love Jordan. He lives in reality and can see thru these political scare tactics by the left to implement their radical agenda.

  5. Franz Fortuny L 16. Oktober 2020

    Maybe there is more to it than just climate change: 1 hour and 22 minutes can help humans understand what uncommitted science says about food, and then you can learn what food production can do to the environment. Just pay attention to SCIENCE, of the good kind; the kind not linked to financial benefits.

  6. roadracing3 16. Oktober 2020

    She looks like she has a chew in

  7. Dayron Leon 16. Oktober 2020

    You guys are losers.

  8. The Hooley's 16. Oktober 2020

    I cant watch this, her contorted face, negativity, and body language just leaves me cold. On top of this it sound like she's reading from a scrip. It's not working for me!

  9. Robert Defrancisco 16. Oktober 2020

    Now that's an Academy Award winning performance!

  10. badalternative 16. Oktober 2020

    she doesn't understand anything about climate change.

  11. Missy Marie 16. Oktober 2020

    Nobody mentions how that she-child can’t even answer a simply question properly when she doesn’t have a script to go off of. Talk about cringed…she just makes a bunch of confused noises and sheepishly stfu.
    She’s only as voice-terous as she’s guided.
    It should be considered child abuse when she has no idea how to speak when not assisted.

  12. audie molinger 16. Oktober 2020

    She never quotes any science which she refers to, because, she can't! The equally qualifid scientists who refute her accusations are never allowed onto TV, and Thunberg is never grilled about her so-called evidence! Equally she never mentions for example, the climatologist who falsified his data, nor does she mention the Hockey Stick waffle! The fact that Soros (AMONG OTHER USUAL SUSPECTS ) was behind her should be a red flag to anyone with half a brain cell still operative. Oh, and by the way, anyone who is supposed to be as passionate about this as she claims (and as the selective media claim for her) would not have to read her words from a script!!! It would be in her head—if it is in her heart!

  13. MrKfq269 16. Oktober 2020

    The climate is fine. You nitwits are being played.

  14. Cheryl Miles 16. Oktober 2020

    The thing that concerns me is the rising sea level and condition of the oceans.

  15. Natalie Martin 16. Oktober 2020

    Can't help laughing. It cracked me up

  16. john mullens 16. Oktober 2020

    how did it ever get listened to in the first place??

  17. I Yosifova 16. Oktober 2020

    she is overplaying as I think her mom behaved as a actor for awhille

  18. bobby christ 16. Oktober 2020

    Um we can measure it. Last 40 years caps melted at a rate of 1%…..that’s called a calculation.

  19. Sooner Jon The Conservative 16. Oktober 2020

    In a word….Everything!!!!!!!!!

  20. Jackie Powell 16. Oktober 2020

    Flagio what a nonsensical statement. A mere girl!! pre pubescent at that. Stupid notion.

  21. Jackie Powell 16. Oktober 2020

    So are you David Boffey.

  22. Jackie Powell 16. Oktober 2020

    Typical numbshell you can t cite anything. No grad training obviously.

  23. Jackie Powell 17. Oktober 2020

    Whatat an indictment on dumbness in world!!!!

  24. PopcornFPS 17. Oktober 2020

    The truth hurts. Also, he forgot to mention the rapid explosion of the human population on this planet. Which obviously means increase in consumption and the need for more and more energy. I wish there was a simple solution.

  25. plica06 17. Oktober 2020

    7:08 Ha! So funny to see all those students with their depressed faces of disbelief. What they wanted was to hear Jordan rant like something that Swedish girl would say but instead he threw it back at them hard… "What are you going to do about Global Warming??"

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