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Wikileaks Discoveries You Should Know About

Wikileaks. Since 2006 this site, with its charismatic founder, Julian Assange, has been exposing secrets and facts those in charge don’t want you to know about. It has humbled big corporations, brought down governments, and may have changed the course of the presidential election. Here is our Top 10 Wikileaks discoveries you need to know about.
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38 Kommentare

  1. Stuart Crossland 01/05/2019

    This video is a massive bucket of whitewash.

  2. Dawood Ashrati 01/05/2019

    How come UK people let the government put him in jail. Where's free speech. This Gentleman did nothing wrong.

  3. Dawood Ashrati 01/05/2019

    People need to protest for his freedom .

  4. D K 01/05/2019

    Wtf is up with the like and dislike ratio when all the comments are positive? Fishy AF.

  5. Dan az 01/05/2019

    Whistle blowers are considered enemies of the state. And you wonder why there is no justice.

  6. ღSwnsasyღ _ 01/05/2019

    I understand why some are upset that he released tactical military operations and our enemies received it and this is how Russia was able to infiltrate our Democracy.. With that said, the other things that he showed I feel like we needed to know so that people could be held responsible!! I don't think he should be in jail.. I just, I just don't know what to think anymore to be honest…

  7. p v 02/05/2019

    Obviously the tpp..attempting to legilise corrupt behavior for a selected group of above the law..to lofty for us bs cant go through without a fight..just like the continued crimes being covered up cant erase guilt shown to all..no question many not being prosecuted after exposed.

  8. Placebo 02/05/2019

    Free Julian Assange !

  9. Michael Meyers 02/05/2019

    imagine what they will release if anything does happen to assange

  10. Fierypickles 02/05/2019

    A guy who forced governments into honesty? I think we need this level of leaks as a power check to the state. If they are in our best interest, then there is no wrong in knowing the truth. I think transparency, keeps honesty.

  11. Adnan A 03/05/2019

    It’s sad what goes on these days


    The regressive leftists are the most hypocrites creatures on the face of the earth. Jamal, the Saudi journalist was dissolved in acid inside a Turkish embassy and no leftist bats an eye. A well known hacker conspired against the US government classified data along with a transgender treasonous person and the entire world of SJW flood the streets to defend who doesn't deserve a bit of praise and attention. The world upside down!

  13. Arnold Christian 03/05/2019

    Fucking war crime

  14. The Good Channel 03/05/2019

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. God know how many crimes committed by the US classified. Criminal United states.

  15. Sara Winters 04/05/2019

    Corrupt Hillary was not happy that her corruption was exposed by Wikileaks.

  16. L A GUNZ 04/05/2019

    Trump better put a rush on the indictment towards, Hillery, Comey, Clapper & loads of other Deep State traitors, who's been getting away with one lie after another, not to forget the loss of several lifes in Benghazi incl. The Ambassador, child molestation & collution with big tech companies, & finally the extremely long kill-list of oposing forces, & naturally the crocket Clinton Foundation , e-mail screewup, & the sale of Uranium One to Russia…. It's fucking time to wake up, cause once the Demonrats stand at the hjelm, you better stick your head in between your legs, & kiss your ass & freedom goodbye… WWG1WGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 MAGA 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 PS: MSM journalists will be sorry that they lost their balls, after the delightful defeat of cunt #1 HRC, but they'll pay the ultimate price for pushing their NPC narrative since 2016….

  17. Gr82bspoiled 04/05/2019

    Exposing Dnc was my favorite

  18. Dave BongoSlide 04/05/2019

    These are just a few of what we know, how much do we not know, , seems to me national security is just an excuse to do what they want after all they are changing laws to protest themselves from us, new world order, winning this dreadful game they're playing and we are ignorant to many things

  19. Liam H 04/05/2019

    We are only aware of the serial killers that have been caught.

  20. Dew 06/05/2019

    Erdogan fucked Turkey up

  21. Gristle Von Raben 08/05/2019

    I thought pizzagate was the big deal about podesta emails?

  22. Leeroy Jenkem 19/05/2019

    Exposing criminals is apparently a crime now

  23. Austin Kelley 29/05/2019

    Is this still monetized?

  24. Janice Foundas 04/06/2019

    Sounds like Obama

  25. Lee Abraham 21/07/2019

    agreed with everything you said except when you started talking down on hillary clinton big ass thumbs down for just that, you should have wailed on dumb ass trump cheating to win in the frist place now he just fucked up America as the rest of the world looks at us as a circus with a damn clown pretending to be a leader.

  26. THE ANGRY 26/08/2019

    Consider what other shit the U.S arny (protecting.'murica) has and is perpetrating on civilians in some forsaken part of the world but nobody is there to spill the beans

  27. Meharun Nisha 07/09/2019

    Well done Wikileaks keep it up

  28. Meharun Nisha 07/09/2019

    Big salute for u

  29. steven pereira 17/09/2019

    Julian is a Hero…

  30. Jey Theyprey 17/11/2019

    How couldnt you mention the pizzagate affair???????

  31. GojiraNoKyokai 14/06/2020

    the cost of lives at the coasts of Africa is just equivalent to a single purchase of an F-15 Strike Eagle? wow I didn't know that! AMAZING!!!

  32. #shorts Project 15/06/2020

    I don't know why number 1 surprised me, but it did. I hadn't heard about this. 7:18

  33. Liam Gallagher 20/01/2021

    Julian Assange is a hero

  34. A K 25/04/2021

    Julian Assange reminds me of Pascal Sauvage in Johnny English

  35. Hope L 29/05/2021

    America is really a dangerous country

  36. Grape Da Ape 28/06/2021

    Why are so many dems that supported a lot of his stories turning on him. This has to be remembered. The dems are as much of a problem as the repubs. Just like the repubs the dems poison our drinking water too. Look at Flint Michigan

  37. Rio Grey 06/07/2021

    The ring of fire 🔥

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