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Yanis Varoufakis: "Biden, Johnson, Merkel: you are intentionallly killing Julian Assange's body."

Message from Yanis Varoufakis on Julian Assange’s birthday, July 3, 2021. Julian Assange is the founder of Wikileaks and a member of DiEM25’s Advisory Panel.


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31 Kommentare

  1. Desie Bawden 07/07/2021

    Thank you 🌎🌸

  2. Mark Hunter 07/07/2021

    Inspirational true words Yanis, they don't understand that killing his body will unleash the spirit.

  3. Emkei2010 07/07/2021

    When Facebook censors anything to do with Assange, there’s definitely something fishy going on controlled by the Big Brother.

  4. Obey Silence 07/07/2021

    Fun fact: Now there is international outcry because Belarus landed illegally a airplane to incarcerate a opposition member.

    The US did exactly the same with Bolivian president Evo Morales above Austria because they thought Edward Snowden was on board. There was no international outcry.

  5. markolangdreamsinner 07/07/2021

    I dont get how die australian Government is not stepping in for its Citizen Julian Assange. I am from Austria. Would my Government help me if an other government hunts me down because i exposed that they commit warcrimes?

  6. F acettenauge 07/07/2021

    Merkel, Macron are not those, who put him in Prison. The british government, i am Not so Sure about, especially the judge, minimum, she acted very strange for a judge during the Trial, Sure our politicans do not stand Up as they indeed should against the crime, keeping him in jail. It is the American Military and perhaps even a Mafia connected, that are responsible. for this all. A real mean spider web. Our politicans are afraid or even have not much to say. But has Biden real
    ly or on which side ist he? Trump, he surely didn't set him free, always pretending, not knowing anything, probably he belongs to the guilty. But perhaps Most of you are right and then IT IS all lost already. Or what could one really do, to free him, if there is No Justice left? So far i do not want to give Up all, but little, hope

  7. notthekaiser 07/07/2021

    This guy is slowly growing on me

  8. Ken Taylor 07/07/2021

    Bravo Yanis and Happy Birthday to Julian Assange. The day is approaching when gutless, cowardly warmongers like Biden and Johnson et al will pay for their disgusting war crimes. Thanks to Assange and other brave journalists/whistleblowers, citizens know how their corrupted governments have failed them.

  9. Christos P. Tsonis 07/07/2021

    Professor Varoufakis, the corrupt world system uses the so-called “world leaders” to serve it, not to change it. That’s why Julian Paul Assange is in prison.

  10. A B 07/07/2021

    I'm a pleb/prole but why was Wikileaks so focused on exposing US intelligence and not China/Russia? By doing this it follows that Wikileaks was empowering China and Russia and disempowering the US. I support freedom of speach and human rights but given this MO, I don't support Assange or this characterisation of him as a martyr and think these matters need to be investigated further. I also don't agree with him being detained indefinitely, but don't know what should be done next – perhaps he should be put on trial for espionage.

    My point it – the indefinate detainment of Assange is wrong, but so is the characterisation of him as an angel/martyr.

  11. Glenn Gibson 07/07/2021

    Well said.

  12. Pyzamas 07/07/2021

    Who listen to you who doesn’t care for the Greek ppl and betrays them……

  13. Alex Goslar 07/07/2021

    Thank you for being so open and straightforward about the political crimes.

  14. Tony Hill 07/07/2021

    Barbarism is in the government; civilization in the people. (Victor Hugo). That's why people like Yanis Varoufakis are not found in governments.

  15. Creating with love 07/07/2021

    It is incredible this can take place today 🙁 I really pray for him.

  16. irish anger 07/07/2021

    This guy is awesome. Keep punching up brother✊

  17. John Burman 07/07/2021

    Christianity had it's Saints, who stood for the truth, and were murdered. Communism had it's saints too, Che Guevara, Nelson Mandela etc. Industrial Military complex will have it's enemies remembered like Saints as well.

  18. Meny Jackets 07/07/2021

    And the Australian prime minister does nothing to get his countryman home

  19. Js Ja 07/07/2021

    The truth is unstoppable. All we can do is lessen the harm by accelerating it #FreeAssange

  20. Darrell 07/07/2021

    Wouldn't it be poetic justice if they put all of them in prison and let Assange out.

  21. Vida Cara 07/07/2021

    Bravo Yanis! You are a light!

  22. 113Doctor & Murray 07/07/2021

    I agree!
    These criminals will be held accountable.

  23. HoZ 07/07/2021

    Well said and that took courage since you are a well known figure in politics, most political figures are behaving and acting like pawns and never dare touching truth and honesty (or not even know what's going on).

  24. Per Einar Olsson 07/07/2021

    Do not disturb daddy when he is reading the news!!!

  25. Mark de Kok 07/07/2021

    Very good! You are a brave and foremost a very intelligent man.

  26. Ed Walker 07/07/2021

    …ask yourself …how much of the cake you want and then ask yourself how they will eat before you get there

  27. Anne Nunney 07/07/2021

    Fantastic yanks

  28. Samuel Bull 07/07/2021

    Sharing the truth

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